World of Warcraft upsets its players with a controversial change

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has released its 7.2 update offering novelties, more content and changes for its community. But it has created a situation of dissatisfaction among its fans by one of these additions. The patch, called The Tomb of Sargeras, has been put into circulation this week.

The addition of discord

The decision of Blizzard implies how the enemies regulate its level, fact that from the patch is not linked to the level of the player, but to the objects that it carries. The Californian company did not make this change in the notes of the patch and that has awakened the wrath of the community.

The change has been so controversial that Blizzard has been forced to come to the forefront to explain the decision, even going so far as to ensure that they analyze the community’s views to apply necessary adjustments.

They explain,

“We are eliminating the yearly increase of the creatures in the World. Our goal was to maintain the amount of time needed to kill a creature by preventing it from being ridiculously short. Instead this has been seen as a method to make monsters more dangerous.”

The objective of Blizzard, as they point out, was to prevent certain enemies from ending up dying quickly by the player’s action, so they regulate their potential taking into account the items equipped by the player, but by an error it has ended up leading to an imbalance of the rivals to remove certain objects.
This change has not been previously notified to the community and that has also created controversy. To justify it, Blizzard have assured that they did it because they wanted honest and uninfluenced comments from the community. The developer is already investigating the situation and has promised immediate correction to calm community complaints.


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