Xiaomi announces the split screen function of MIUI 8 will arrive in summer

miui 8

Yesterday, Xiaomi finally introduced its new large phablet, the Xiaomi Mi Max 2. Also today we found out that at the end of the launch conference, the brand announced that the next update of its operating system will bring the desired split screen function to MIUI 8. The next update would come this summer and it would first come to the developer version of MIUI as usual and then later would be launched in the stable version.

Most Android user interfaces have split screen since the Android 7 update, but Xiaomi is taking longer than normal to enter this feature. That is reason the manufacturer has answered all the doubts through a message in the official forum of the brand just before the patience of the company lovers runs out.

“Split screen is a very controversial feature. A few years ago, Samsung and other manufacturers introduced the function little by little. Since there are many MIUI users who are looking for this feature, we are proud to announce that we are already working on it for future OS updates. ”

As for the user experience in MIUI, the developers found that in recent years, users have been interested in viewing video content while running other applications, something that is not possible in MIUI at the moment. The split screen of MIUI 8 would be perfect to solve this problem and that is why the developers are working hard on this function as seen in one of the slides of Xiaomi Mi Max 2.

miui 8 split screen

Xiaomi knows that in this area there are many developers who have been ahead of the mark when it came to bragging about split-screen functions. That is why the Chinese company has explained the two reasons behind the late launch of the Split-Screen function:

  • Requests from third parties are not adequate.
  • It is a function that is not easy to use and developers want MIUI to remain an easy and simple OS.
  • Xiaomi have always wanted to make MIUI a very different fork from the other Android UI’s. That is why, for example, the screen only supports a small number of third-party applications such as WeChat, Skype, Tencent video, etc., although the arrival of new applications in the future is another matter entirely. Adding the split screen function in MIUI 8 would allow users and developers to be satisfied at the same time, but in order to achieve this, it has to be done in the most satisfactory way possible.

    It is assumed that the split-screen function will arrive with the MIUI 8.2.3 or 8.3.1 update in July. The feature will not only be available in the new Xiaomi Mi Max 2 but also in other phones of the Chinese firm.


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