Xiaomi is also working on a foldable smartphone


Smartphones with folding screens are starting to be a trend. It looks like it will change the industry in the near future. Samsung first unveiled its own foldable phone at CES 2013 called Galaxy X and since then we have only seen the attempt of other brands to imitate this model, which is now joined by Xiaomi.

LG also has a patent ready to develop a folding smartphone. OPPO, Nokia and a number of well-known manufacturers are working on the development of their own folding smartphones. Now is Xiaomi, the Chinese mobile manufacturer that absorbs more attention of the users, are also working on their folding phone.

xiaomi foldable

A recent patent application in China has revealed that Xiaomi has a folding smartphone in mind. From the details that can be extracted from the document which details the features of this new smartphone from Xiaomi, it has a presence of two screens can be folded together. It also includes an input section for writing as well as a display section. The device, although flexible, does not open 180 degrees, but reaches 160 degrees.

When would we see this Xiaomi smartphone?

The filing of the patent only reveals that Xiaomi has a collapsible smartphone in development, but we dont know when it would be launched, when Xiaomi will begin its development and what would be its specifications (processor, screen size, RAM, storage, battery). The only thing we could say about the next phone from the Chinese manufacturer is that it should continue to present an almost unmatched quality.

It is not the first time that Xiaomi works with a flexible display technology. In its Xiaomi Mi Note 2 we have a first approach to this system of manufacture, that may be one reason why it should be easier for the brand to adapt that technology in the development of a folding phone.

However, now 100% of the company’s efforts are in polishing the Xiaomi Mi6 and the Xiaomi Mi6 Plus. Both phones are expected to see the light next week but yet there is no official launch date. We will remain very attentive to the future movements of Xiaomi.


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