Xiaomi Mi Drone, the best quality for price drone available in market


Many of today’s firms are not exclusively smartphone makers, but they started with other technology products. Sometimes, however, it happens the other way around, as in the case of Xiaomi. In fact, today we specifically see the Xiaomi Mi Drone, a quadrocopter with the signature of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi Drone specifications and where to buy it

It was almost last year when we heard the first rumors of the arrival of a new drone by Xiaomi, but it was on May 25 when the Chinese firm definitively introduced it to the world.

Today, this Mi Drone is again in news for two reasons: its quality and price. First, we will review your best features of this quadrocopter, and second, we will see at what price and where you can buy it, if you think it will be the ideal complement of your mobile.

Specifically, the Xiaomi Mi Drone comes equipped with a wide-angle camera capable of recording at 4K, it uses a 16MP CMOS sensor that can capture video at up to 1920*1080p at 60 fps. It has a battery of 5100 mAh with an autonomy of up to 27 minutes of non-stop flight, GPS, autopilot and a modular design.

For this and more, TomTop has decided to leave this drone to no more or less than $ 515, about $ 100 cheaper than other similar stores and of course without additional shipping cost. You can see all the information about it on its official website.

You can read more information about drones and Xiaomi in their respective categories, or if you prefer, you can leave a comment below by commenting on what is the most and least thing about this Xiaomi Mi Drone.


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