Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2, further enhancing the previous model


The virtual reality is still the bet of many companies in the sector of audiovisual consumption. There are currently three categories of virtual reality glasses. The first ones are complete with included panel, like HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. The second, those that are included within Google Daydream with included command, like the Daydream View that Google launched at the end of the year, the new Gear VR of Samsung and the Xiaomi Mi VR. All of them with included control and that work together with the mobile. The third group are glasses that do not carry any controls and are usually cheaper. Here come the Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2.

Xiaomi just introduced its new virtual reality device, the Mi VR Play 2. Xiaomi already had a first model of Xiaomi Mi VR Play, we found the virtual reality glasses comfortable, safe, and with very nice finishes to the touch. Xiaomi has wanted to keep the essence of these first glasses in its new Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2, the new redesigned model that has a series of improvements. Less than a year ago they introduced the first model, but the Chinese company has decided that it was time to launch a new and improved version.

The new Mi VR Play 2 of Xiaomi changes the design with respect the original model, for a line more curved instead of rectangular, and in addition, is smaller. It also changes the fastening to the head, which is now using a nylon elastic strap instead of adjustable straps.

The first of these improvements is that the glasses now have a longer design and adaptable to the shape of the head. In addition, the fabric used in them is quite soft and comfortable. Another point in favor of this new design is that, being thinner, it also weighs less (209 vs 183 grams), which is appreciated while moving the head. The lenses have a field of view of 93 degrees and the dimensions are 129 × 191 × 120 millimeters.

The cable connections that we have plugged into the mobile are also easier to access in this new model. Previously, the headset cable came out through the two rear slots or the zipper closure that prevents the phone from slipping out. It has also improved the air passage to facilitate the ventilation of the mobile when used in virtual reality applications, which are very demanding on the screen and processor, which makes the mobile much hot.

Price and availability of Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2

This new model of virtual reality glasses will be available from next April 19 at a price of 99 yuan, or $14. In Chinese export shops it will cost a little bit more as it usually does, and this model is expected to replace the previous one that had been available so far.

The size of mobile phones that will accept the new glasses Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2 is similar to the one found in the previous model between 4.7 and 5.7 inches, also working with mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy S8 or LG G6, which hold sizes similar to their predecessors.


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