Yahoo Mail adds new features for better Photo Synchronization and Caller Id for iOS

A new set of features are added to Yahoo Mail, trying to solve some of the common problems that its users have. One of them has to do with the synchronization of photographs. It is tedious to have to pass the photographs that we take with the mobile to the computer, reason why Yahoo implements a system similar to Google Photos, allowing the images to be synchronized with our account.

That way, we will have access to our photos from the computer by just accessing our Yahoo account. And as a bonus, Yahoo uses image recognition technology to make it easier for us to search our photo albums.

The dynamic is the same as Google Photos, when we start the search we write a reference word, for example “boat, and it will throw in the results of all the photographs that matches the filter. This option will be found in the sidebar.

And that way, we can easily add them to the email that we are about to send. This feature is available for both iOS and Android.

Another feature that has been added, and is available only for iOS is the caller ID which relies on the base of contacts we have in Yahoo Mail.

Even if we do not have it added as a contact in the mobile, if the number is within the contact info or mail of our account, the name of the person or company will automatically appear.


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