Yelp launches new Q & A portal about any service

To enhance the platform’s dynamics, Yelp has added a simple yet engaging function that fosters interaction and highlights the functionality of certain service or location.

The idea of this function is to offer the possibility to ask specific questions about a service or location of our interest and to receive responses of users who know the dynamics of the location or have already been there, as shown by the image they share.

Even business owners can pay attention to this feature to answer any doubts that users may have, and enhance the highlights of their services, for example, allow pets, have extended hours, etc.

If the rest of the users find that the question asked is interesting or useful, then it can be kept visible for a longer time. Users have to rate a question just by choosing “Helpful / Not Helpful” option. And of course, there are also options for reporting the question if we think it is inappropriate.

If we are interested in the answers to a particular question, we can point out that we want to receive notifications whenever it is updated with new contributions. In short, a new tool to remove doubts and define details before deciding on any service or location.


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