‘Yooka-Laylee’ for Nintendo Switch Will Not Arrive in Physical Format

The Playtonic company has made it clear that for playing Yooka-Laylee in Nintendo Switch, you will have to buy it in digital stores since the physical format of this game will not be available.

Just 15 days ago we told you that Playtonic Games was ready to give news about the version of ‘Yooka-Laylee’ for Nintendo Switch very soon. And one of the rumors that seemed to have enough credibility was just the fact that the game could land the new Nintendo console with a physical edition.

Yes, exactly the same thing that will happen in the versions of PS4 and Xbox One. Well, although everything seemed to indicate that way, finally the American company has made clear just the opposite. For now there will be no physical version of the game for Nintendo Switch.

In other words, although it is not ruled out that it can end up happening in the future, Playtonic affirms that, at the moment, it is something not they have planned. So, it is officially stated that when the game is released April, the only way for Swtich users to enjoy it is to get it through the digital store. And keep in mind that the game will have the same price in both formats which is 39.99 dollars.

There will be no changes in any of the versions. Multiplayer mode was announced recently, which will not only breathe fresh air for a game of this type, but above all will greatly lengthen the durability of the game. You cannot play it online, but up to four people can play in one console.


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