You can already play bowling in Halo 5: Guardians

Halo 5

343 Industries continues without talking about the new content for Halo 5: Guardians, even though we already find out about what they are preparing, the truth is that this community is always creating new and crazy modalities in Forge. This time, it is a bowling mode.

Made by Littlemonk5, this mini game has a stage worthy of a bowling afternoon and it even has a fish tank. When you start, you must select the number of rounds you want to play, take one of the balls that appear on the court and throw it against the pines to earn points. That is, basically how a bowling game works in real life as well.

For now, this mode can only be enjoyed in personalized games, so you must download this map, this type of game and this FFA so you can play with your friends. See how it works right away.

Are your games online? As we mentioned previously, from this day you can enjoy Warzone Turbo, modality that, according to 343 Industries, will be available for a whole month. If you’re new, we’ll explain how it works. First, you must defend your base, then immediately access energy level 9, so you can use legendary REQs from the beginning. Also, energy recovers faster, so you can use your powerful weapons and vehicles constantly.

Recently, 343 Industries showed a new modality for the list of Arena of Halo 5, we are referring to Rock ‘n’ Roll, where you can use the electromagnetic cannon Lash and the legendary weapon SPNKr Prime.

We are sure that 343 industries are not just going to stop here. We hope that there will be a lot of different games and game modes in the future as well. Something that we are always looking out for.


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