You Can Finally Pre-Order OnePlus 3T 128 GB Version From Its Official Website

It was introduced in November, but there have been very few lucky users who were able to get hold of a OnePlus 3T in its variant of 128GB of storage due to the scarcity of existing drives at first.

Fortunately, today the company has announced that its best terminal to date is now available to pre-book on the official website, and the first shipments will begin to be made in less than two weeks.

As the company itself has indicated in its official Twitter account, the OnePlus 3T with 128GB Gunmetal color storage is now available for purchase.

The price of the device is $479 with free shipping, and as commented at the beginning of this article, it will be 13 days that buyers will have to wait until their brand new OnePlus 3T leaves the stores of the firm.

In case you do not know it yet, we must remember that the OnePlus 3T which we have already analyzed arrived last November as a slight renovation of the successful OnePlus 3, with several aspects improved as its battery, which has grown to 3,400 mAh, or its front camera, with 16 megapixels instead of the 8 of its predecessor. We also remind you that the OnePlus 3T is currently running on Android 7.0 Nougat and is regularly updated.

It is worth mentioning that today there is also available the OnePlus 3T 64GB in its two different colors, Gunmetal and Soft Gold. In this case, the terminal is priced at $439 and will be sent in 4 days.


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