You can finally scan PDF documents with Dropbox


Microsoft is the Office Desktop King with its Office suite, but its leadership is not as evident on Android and iOS mobile devices, where it struggles with options like Google Drive. Dropbox also wants a piece of cake with its paper application, which directly addresses Word’s word processor and Google’s ‘Documents’. For that, it was undoubtedly a key point to introduce the PDF document scanner into your suite, specifically in the Dropbox app.

The cloud storage service has been updated with your Android and iOS apps, and introducing two cool features. One in Dropbox, which is the scanner of PDF documents, and another in Paper, which is the mode of use without previous connection. Both are fundamental functions to try to deal with Microsoft Word and Google Docs, and the PDF scanner is not something new on mobile devices, but a typical function between cloud storage services, and also office suites.

You can now scan PDFs in Dropbox and use Paper with no Internet connection

In Dropbox, we can now select the Add to Dropbox option and open the photo camera of our smartphone, from here, scan a physical document and transform it into PNG or PDF format, to store it in our storage space in the cloud. This document scanner has editing options to correct perspective, crop, optimize white balance and contrast, brightness and other details such as apply filters to improve readability.

At the same time the preview of RAW files has been added, to preview images and photos in this format, and the Dropbox Paper application has been renewed to enable its use without an Internet connection. Now, even if we do not have internet coverage, or we have run out of ‘megabytes’, we can continue to use the word processor and display the highlighted and recent documents on the main screen.


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