You Can Now Activate the New ‘Game Mode’ of Windows 10

Game Mode of Windows 10

Microsoft caught the attention of all gamers when it announced that it would launch a ‘Game Mode’ in Windows 10 Creators Update that would improve performance when it comes to gaming.

Fortunately, it seems that the wait is over, since the latest release of the operating system (15019) already allows you to test this functionality.

The idea is simple: prioritize your computer’s CPU and GPU resources to maximize game performance. Your computer will spend less energy dealing with tasks in the background and more effort dedicated to your game.

According to a Microsoft interview with PC Gamer, in ‘Game Mode’ GPU cycles will be mainly dedicated to your game, and CPU performance will not be affected by background tasks. Kevin Gammill of the Xbox team explains that “essentially what we do with Game Mode is to assign a number of threads that will be used exclusively by your game, and the rest of the children only for the system.”

In terms of FPS, the difference will not be substantial. Microsoft expects a 2.5 percent increase in FPS, according to Ars Technica, depending on the game and the configuration of your system. However, maximum FPS is not everything because the loss of frames or variations in performance is more worrisome.

Game Mode should help the frame rate per second to be high and, above all, consistent so that you do not lose performance when a background app decides to do something.

To activate this functionality, you can go to the new games section in Settings, where you can activate or deactivate it. Microsoft is creating a list of games that can use this functionality. You can also press Win + G when you are playing to activate the mode manually.

Now, there may be times when you do not want to use this functionality. For example, if you are broadcasting your game using an application that runs in the background. Check this video to know more about the ‘Game Mode’.


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