You Can Now Install Google Assistant on Your Phone, But There is a Problem For Non-English Speakers

When Google introduced their two Pixel devices, which we discussed, one of the great innovations they introduced was Google Assistant. This promised to be the best assistant that Google has ever created, but the truth is that it stayed halfway, because of the language.

Only Google Pixel has access to this wizard, and no other phone could use it until today. Now things are going to change, since you can install the Google Assistant on your device, although there is a big catch. Guess what it is?

As we read in Android Police, starting tomorrow, the Open Gapps will include the Google assistant. This means that they can be installed on any device.

However, it is not translated and in order to use it you have to put the phone in English (us). This means that it will be of no use to people to speak languages other than English. It’s true that Google Assistant is pretty good, but many users will not be willing to change the language of the entire device by a single application.

Since you can only communicate with the Google Assistant in English, so if you do not handle the language too well it does not make sense to install it on your personal device.

Apart from this, to install the Open Gapps you need to have a personalized recovery, so you will not be able to download it as well to install it on your device with the stock ROM. As you can see, it’s great news that we can all have the Google Assistant, but you need to know enough English and a custom recovery.

We do not know if Google plans to translate its wizard and that it will arrive in a global way, something that we would love.


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