You Can Now Try YouTube Go, the App to Download Videos and View them Offline

Last September we had informed you about the new Google application that would soon be available. YouTube Go, was the new app of the popular audiovisual streaming platform, which would arrive to allow us to download videos so that we can view them without needing an Internet connection.

Now, as we see that YouTube Go is now available for anyone who wants to download their favorite videos from YouTube and view them offline.

Download your favorite videos with YouTube Go

Youtube Go, application to download videos and view them without connection. As we told you at the time, the application would be aimed at India in the beginning, although later could begin its deployment in other countries depending on their reception by users.

The operation of YouTube Go is very simple. Its interface is similar to that of the original YouTube application, although it has a smaller number of animations, so it has all the looks of being aimed at low-resource devices. In order to download a video, it will only be necessary to access it, then choose the desired quality and download it, as long as, yes, the creator has enabled the option.

Each and every one of the videos will show us a small preview of the content and choose whether to download it or not. On the other hand, it will only be possible to download the videos in basic or normal quality; We did not find any option to enjoy the videos in high definition.

At this time, the app appears to be in beta stage, although it does not appear to be available for download in most countries. However, here here is a link to APKMirror from where you can download the executable of the app to be able to test it completely safely.


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