You can play Ms. Pac-Man on Google Maps for iOS and Android


It seems that Ms. Pac-Man has visited the Google Maps application after her husband did it there for a distant year 2015. As many of you know, and if we do not remember, today is April 1, The April Fool’s Day celebration on North American soil. On this day in our country many companies launch different jokes and Google has attempted on such thing. Google allows to play Ms. Pac-Man on Google Maps.

Usually coinciding with these dates are many companies that launch to the Net totally crazy information or small games to celebrate with ingenuity of this day. In fact, last year we had to tread carefully enough to differentiate the real news of the bullshit in the wind before April Fool’s Day.

Google usually publishes a lot of joking videos and Easter eggs on a regular basis, both in the famous Doodles of your browser and on specific dates. Now, just like it happened exactly 2 years ago, the internet giant re-enabled playing Pac-Man on Google Maps for iOS and Android. Yes, who appears now is his wife, Ms. Pac-Man.

pacman google maps

Throughout the day you can see how in the Google Maps application for Android and iOS devices receive a new button that is located just above the option the query of our location. If you click on this pink button with the image of Ms-Pac-Man you will be able to traverse a random place of the map as if a level of the famous game was.

Unlike Pac-Man’s integration into Google Maps in 2015, this time the current location will not become the scene of the game, as the map is transformed into an unknown location where you will gain five lives to overcome the ghosts while swallowing all the points that appear scattered by the level.

The truth is that Google was hoping that the April Fool’s Day joke would be something more than imitating and something that it launched years ago (better looking, honestly). This does not mean that throughout today’s afternoon and tomorrow we spend the dead hours playing Pac-Man again on Google Maps, although it is one of the most played game from our childhood.


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