YouTube Go, the version of YouTube that will allow us to download the videos

Youtube Go

In addition to the activation of the registration process for downloading the second Beta of Android O, Google also announced the availability of YouTube Go. It is a light version of YouTube, but includes, as highlights, the ability to download videos from YouTube to play and share them offline. These two features offer users a way to save data when playing videos from the streaming video platform of the search engine.

In some countries, as in India, users are already allowed to download videos from YouTube for later view without the need for an Internet connection. This makes sense where people do not have a good data connection or where it is extremely expensive.

Now Google launches YouTube Go, a new version of the video platform that allows users to just save data by offering the ability to download content when there is WiFi and enjoy it later.

In the talk Google I / O has been able to see a demonstration, although at the moment it will only be available in the gadgets with Android Go, the android for low-end phones that we discussed before.

YouTube Go will be able to know how much data each video consumes and will choose quality based on that information when provided with the option to download the videos to view offline. It is not the first app to do something like this; in fact Netflix already presented a similar system several months ago.

Android Go and YouTube Go are two options designed for emerging markets, although it is possible that little by little, as has happened with Facebook Lite, they extent their arms to reach those who, living in the “first world”, do not want or cannot pay for a high-speed connection.


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