Youtube launches an iOS app to watch videos with other people


Google has just launched the mobile application Uptime, to watch YouTube videos with your friends. Any user that registers can join in real time to the contents that are seeing their contacts at that moment.

The most interesting thing about the application is that it creates a kind of “private session” in which you can know data that are only available to friends.

The Google company offers its employees the possibility of devoting part of their time to working on their own projects: the initiative is known as “Area 120”. The Uptime application is the result of one of those works and is now finally available to the public.

The big drawback is that, for now, Uptime is only available for iOS devices, and there is no official launch date for Android.

It is upTime app where we can find Youtube videos (verticals look better) and share them with the community of users or with friends via private link. As everyone sees the video, they can react differently, with emoji, for example, flying on the screen.

The icon of our profile also floats on the screen, and we can comment the video for other users to read our opinion while watching the same video. This content can be viewed later, when we are not online, so it will be recorded in the history.

We can send notifications to our friends whenever we put a video in the application, that way we will get attention and be able to enjoy the visualization in group, as they comment in the Verge.

It still lacks many ingredients to become useful (such as synchronization with mobile contacts, for example), but it is a great step to transform Youtube into the social experiment google has always wanted to have.

At the moment access is private, but you can enter the code PIZZA to enter the application.


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