YouTube makes mobile live streaming available to channels with 10,000 subscribers

YouTube makes the live stream function in the apps for iOS and Android available to all creators that have 10,000 or more subscribers. The rest of the users get the function “soon”, but when exactly is not known.

Today’s announcement to record live videos has brought joy to many Youtubers as it was a feature they wanted from a long time. If you do not have required number of subscribers do not worry, because soon you will also have access as it will be released to everyone in coming months.

According to YouTube, hundreds of thousands of people can now take advantage of the live stream function in the apps. That feature was already built in the middle of last year, but was only used so far by a selected group of testers.

Although currently only creators with five figure subscribers have access to live streaming via the app, YouTube says in his announcement that “the rest of you will get it soon.” The Google subsidiary says there are adjustments made on the basis of feedback. Thus, the live chat is released more slowly, so as to avoid thousands of messages per second they get in form of feedback.

Users who access the livestream function turn it on by pressing a red button in the app. The live video can be used in the same ways as other videos on YouTube.

It is expected that this feature will be available to all the users on the Youtube platform within 3-6 months. So, If you subscriber count is low then at present what you can do is just wait. We will keep you updated as soon as it is released all over the platform for all the youtubers.


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