Youtube presents four new series for it Kids app

Following the fashion of own content, an extremely lucrative fashion in companies like Netflix, YouTube now presents some series that will be available in its version for children: Youtube kids.

They comment in the official notice that YouTube Kids already has 30 billion views in the application during these first two years, with more than 8 million active viewers each week.

They now have an original content team, led by Susanne Daniels, who is adding four new original series to YouTube Red, created especially for YouTube Kids. These will be the series that will be released from spring, although they intend to continue adding content during 2017.

New Series for Youtube Kids

Among the series are Hyperlinked, inspired by a true story, where they tell how five girls come together to create their own girls-to-girls website; DanTDM Creates A Big Scene, where Catch DanTDM and his group of friends fight against the chaos and misfortune to maintain a show live in the highway; The Kings of Atlantis, animated series that follows two young monarchs -Cody and Joe- in the underwater city of Atlantis and Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force, where four Ninjas fruit fight against the evil forces.

They also commented that YouTube Kids will soon be coming to Smart TVs, and will start with the Samsung and LG smart TVs connected to the Internet.

Apparently 2017 will be the year of Youtube kids, but we have no knowledge whether it will be available for different languages other than English.

Source: Youtube Blog


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