YouTube TV, Google’s new bid to compete with traditional TV

Youtube TV

Every day users see more than one billion hours of videos on YouTube, but for YouTube it is not enough to be the most used video platform around the world. They want more and that means seizing the device that has dominated for years the homes of the entire planet: the television. That is why YouTube is announcing a new platform that seeks to compete directly against cable television providers.

After several rumors, Google has today officiated ‘YouTube TV’, a new monthly subscription service that will allow us to access TV channels to watch live shows and also content previously streamed.

Today, the company has announced YouTube TV, a new platform that can be enjoyed by monthly subscription of $35, from where we can access live channels and programs recorded using a mobile application.

According to Google, the new generations are tired of the old television format, where there are still many limitations and is not possible to see anywhere. New content consumers are looking for live television without compromise and anywhere, come on, a TV that looks more like YouTube.

Under this premise comes YouTube TV, “live television for the YouTube generation”, where we can access live channels and programs recorded from a new application for iOS and Android, which will be compatible with televisions through, for example, Chromecast .

At the moment it will only be available in some cities of the United States, but we already have the details of what it will offer:

– Live TV thanks to a partnership with companies like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC or ESPN, offering the same thing that is seen in traditional TV with 30 cable channels.

– Cloud recording of the programs that interest us, with no space limit, so that we are not limited to certain hours and we can have our particular recorder. It will be possible to record several programs simultaneously with maximum resolution, and the content will stay there for up to 9 months.

– Integration with YouTube Network, as you pay for YouTube You will have access to YouTube Network and its original series and movies.

– Possibility of enabling up to 6 accounts with the same monthly price, so that each member of the family will have their own profile with their specific recommendations, as in Netflix. Each account will allow playback of up to three programs simultaneously.

You can see more details of the project on, but it is important to remember that there is no forecast to leave the United States, since the agreements with the chains must be done in each country.

Source: YouTube Blog


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