YouTube videos with a length of 1 billion hours are played every day


As the largest and by far the best known video platform in the world, YouTube has been growing steadily for more than 10 years and has millions of users on all platforms, from the browser to the smartphone. Now YouTube has released a new impressive statistic showing how much the platform is now part of everyday users and how many videos are played daily.

It’s been a long time since YouTube has published official usage figures for its own platform, but the one figure released today is huge. This is because, on the one hand, you are in a competition with Facebook, and on the other hand, you usually wait so long until you reach a nice round number. And now a very impressive milestone could be achieved.

In a blog entry YouTube has now announced that videos with a total length of 1 billion hours are played every day. To watch 1 billion hours of video material, you would alone need over 100,000 years which again shows much more impressive how incredibly great this number really is. YouTube reached the milestone last year, and is expected to be even higher.

This has been achieved mainly because videos are getting longer and the share of the few seconds of short videos is likely to decrease. Other statistics such as the daily number of users, the actual number of videos played or the share of mobile users has unfortunately not been announced.


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