YouTube will remove its non-skippable 30-second ad format in 2018

YouTube will remove its non-skippable 30-second ad format, according to a Google spokesman who was officially announced by the Google Campaign and confirmed by other publications. The reason for the removal of this advertising format is due, as specified, to the need to provide a better advertising experience for Internet users.

In this sense, Google will bet on other advertising formats that may be more interesting for both the advertisers themselves and the users. Although it appears to be good news, it should also be noted that the non-salable advertising format that will be eliminated is the one that is 30 seconds long, other non-skippable advertising formats available on the platform will continue to be maintained Of Google videos.

It should also be taken into account that it is the advertising formats that generate the most complaints among users, and therefore have a negative impact on the user experience. While this is a logical step, it is also true that Google is having a hard time taking this step to continue maintaining its share of users viewing videos on YouTube instead of migrating to other platforms.

Some see in this decision that other social platforms are betting heavily on video content, Facebook among those who are struggling to offer the best experiences possible when viewing videos from their respective platforms, which could negatively impact in Youtube.

In addition to the already established social platforms is also the appearance of new online video hosting tools that could also steal market share from YouTube, such as or Rumble.


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