Zazu: A Powerful Internet Search Engine And Application Launcher

zazu search

Today we are going to talk about free and open source software called Zazu, which actually is responsible for quickly searching for EXE files in our team and run them thanks to the launcher function available, which can turn into an alternative to Cortana in Windows 10.

One of its main characteristics is that, in addition to operating locally, it also allows searches on the keyword in Google, NPM, Giphy, etc. Thanks to the functionalities that it puts at our disposal, this freeware will help us to increase our productivity, since it allows changing quickly between the different tasks that we can carry out. It is also worth noting that you can extend its functionality, thanks to the use of various add-ons that are added to the tool itself.

In fact this application already has a series of add-ons that will give us the option to perform various additional tasks like locating an internal or external IP address, finding local applications, shutting down or rebooting the PC, etc. In addition, being an open source alternative it will over time probably continue to receive interesting improvements.

The truth is that on the Net we can download many launchers of applications specially designed for Windows, but Zazu differs from most due to the automation of searches in alternative services such as those mentioned Google, GitHub or NPM. On the other hand say that it is a cross-platform application, so it can also be used on Linux and Mac platforms.

How to use the Zazu application

Its use is extremely simple, since once installed and executed, it is located in the system taskbar from where we can launch it by accessing “Toggle Zazu” or pressing the key combination “Alt + Spacebar”, then the corresponding Search bar where we type the term in question. The user interface itself allows us to select the source of such a search.

If we make use of any of its additions, instead of executing the EXE, it will show the results in our default browser. On the other hand we can do some basic mathematical calculations, convert units of measure, etc. As we have said, to extend its functionality we have to install add-ons, something that we can carry out by typing in the search bar the command “Install” followed by the first letter of the plugin in question.

To finish will say that it can be so that it can be installed easily without having to worry about virsus.


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