ZeroNet, a Secure and Encrypted Internet you did not Know

Zero Net

When we talk about the “Other Internet” the Deep Web comes to our mind, and all that hidden ecosystem that we see is not safe, full of cybercriminals or with somewhat dubious procedures. But there are also other “cleaner” alternatives that are safer and more stable than the current Internet. The alternative to the Internet is called ZeroNet and has been running for some time showing a decentralized and collaborative vision in its operation.

ZeroNet is a new way of accessing the Internet under a much more secure and stable ecosystem. This alternative to the Internet is based on the P2P protocol with included data encryption, thus ensuring stability and greater security than the current Internet. However, ZeroNet is crash-proof, it can not be torn down by brute force since it is based on P2P and the users themselves are hosting the content. This type of decentralized accommodation is another of its fundamental pillars guaranteeing greater anonymity and stability.

ZeroNet is a project based on free software and made by volunteers that pretends to represent the Internet of yesteryear, that was born to satisfy the freedom of opinion and expression in a new medium that escaped to all type of governments. The ZeroNet encryption system is based on the same encrytion system used for Bitcoin and BitTorrent, giving more security in the interaction between the users and exchange of content.

A regular browser is not enough to open and connect to ZeroNet, but it is tremendously simple. Simply go to the official ZeroNet website, download the right program and run it on your computer. Then open any browser and you will automatically access this new Internet. Note that every time you want to access ZeroNet you must run the program or you will enter the normal Internet.

Once inside ZeroNet you will see access to encrypted email, different browsers to use, forums, boards, chats and a complete database of pages. It does not contain very broad content like the normal Internet, but it is growing.


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