ZeTime, the first hybrid smartwatch with mechanical needles and color display


The sector of smart watches is one of the most popular within crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter. In addition to being the place where the Pebble came true, Kickstarter has also allowed us to discover lots of different smartwatches, highlighting those who bet on the more traditional design. ZeTime, the first smart watch that has real needles on the touch screen.

If we focus on some of the features of the watch, the ZeTime has a design that will catch the attention of all those who look for a traditional watch without sacrificing the technological aspect. In addition to real mechanical needles, the ZeTime features a Gorilla Glass, an intelligent crown with which to navigate the menus and a sensor to control your heart rate. It is also water resistant and will allow us to use different straps.

One of the advantages of the watch is that the screen is always on, so there is no need to manually activate it to see the time. In addition, the ZeTime has a system capable of temporarily changing the position of the needles in case they bother to, for example, while reading a message. The smartwatch will be permanently connected to our smartphone, so we can check our notifications, weather or control music playback. Finally, we take the opportunity to highlight the possibility of manually changing the spheres.

At this point we can not deny the interest generated by the smartwatch, which has managed to raise more than $220,000 of the $ 50,000 that its creators needed. As for its price, the watch can be booked from $ 119 (with a 40% discount) for the duration of the campaign. It will be marketed from September. We leave you with the video presentation:


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