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Zoetropic App Review | Animate Pictures Just in Few Clicks App – Guidelines to Cinemagraph

how to use zeotropic app

Have you ever seen a normal picture with moving background? If yes, then Doesn’t it amaze you? Do you want to make your photos same? If yes then this article is for you. Today we are going to tell you about a amazing app Zoetropic.

If you are someone who wants to edit his/her photo professionally and you don’t have any prior knowledge then let’s dive into it but before that, let’s discuss what exactly is zoetropic.

What is Zoetropic?

The photo editing app Zoetropic is easy to use. You don’t have to be professional in editing and it is so simple to use. Even a beginner can use it fully and efficiently. This app allows motion in photo or photo in motion and can easily export great quality of cinemagraph effect video and GIF out of your selected images. Although this app doesn’t contain amazing feature like the other apps in the market but is amazingly fits the bill to perform what it’s designed to do.

Furthermore you’ll not disappoint after using it. Zeotropic count as the best alternative of photomirage app.

From where to Download Zoetropic App?

Zoetropic is available both in app store and play store for their respective devices. Additionally this app is available in two various forms which are –

1. Free

2. With money. (In-App Purchases)

Furthermore the paid version will cost you $2.99 which is not so costly to pay. Some of the reviews of the fans who purchased the paid version are –

Its first time of mine to pay money on any app but I live it. And I must say, the $2 is so cheap and the money is worth it. I am so happy that I found this app ❤️

Firstly I thought that the quality of my pics will be not so good quality but I was wrong. The images are perfect and up to mark. I AM REALLY IMPRESSED BY THIS APP, thank you.

Note – You first have to download the free version and later upgrade it to the pro version. The steps are mentioned below so you can easily put it all together.

How to use the Cinemagraph feature on Zoetropic?

Before finding the working process of this app we first have to understand what is Cinemagraph is actually is?

What is Cinemagraph?

A subtle motion of still photographs is known as cinemagraph where minor movement occurs repearedly within the images (still photos). Afterwards, we can call it animated gif and thought provoking cinemagraphs.

Thought provoking! How? Check out the picture given below:

look at the hairs! Amazing cinemagraphy that also give the illusion that the Images look quite real.

Now, look at the eye of this glamour

Additionally, you can also make a variation is a video snapshot and you know what, another variation is an audio snapshot that can also be done through zeotropic app.

Here is an Animated Rain with Photomirage:

The first thing you have to do is basically select a picture which you want to edit through Zeotropic. The second thing to do here is to select the particular area which you desire to make movement in or where you think that you have scope of giving motion.

Given below are some latest and ongoing trends which you should follow. We have further includes some various ideas so you can have a wide eye to look for it –

• cloudy sky

• waterfall

• fire flames

• fireworks

• Running water

How to use this Zoetropic?

If you are wondering about how to use it it is quite easy and simple. There are only a handful of steps which you need to follow and you are good to go.

1. Open the Zoetropic app on your smartphone.

2. Select the picture which you want to edit.

3. Add Motion points where you wanted to put motion and flow Sequence direction properly.

4. Add Stabilize points to hold the motion beyond so that it will make your photos clear.

5. Moreover you can also add Mask to cover the effect.

6. For best result use the output at every addition or correction of effect.

Download KineMaster for PC Without (Watermark & Bluestacks)

Which one is better free version or Pro version?

There are limited features which the free version provide to us. Although I have come across various photo editing app or Cinemagraph app which ask for a hefty subscription and that doesn’t even worth it. Bit Zoetropic app have a little fees which is $2.99. Even more they provide quite good quality of video. If you are having doubt to update free version, Don’t worry and Go for it.

What are the reviews of this app?

We have added the reviews of people who have already used this app or using it. Read the reviews to have more knowledge how the app actually is –

“ Great app, easy to use, free version is totally awesome as it is, hope to upgrade in future, would be nice to remove watermark by watching an ad like other app I use, but it’s not an option, hardly recommend it ”

 “ I am absolutely speechless. This is a true stroke of genius, if I may say so. Super user-friendly, even the gifted can navigate their way, and not to mention the UI is fantabulush! I highly recommend this app to anyone, if not your picture perfect animation, superb overlays, and a result of a note. Thankyou so very much indeed for bringing my photogratos to life”

Do you want mod apk of zoetropic or zoetropic for pc? let us know in a comment section…!

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