ZUI: The Convergence of ZUK and Motorola Software

Lenovo Zuk2

For many people, one of the biggest problems concerning tablets and smartphones is fragmentation. This not only refers to the large number of brands that are quick to launch all kinds of devices in both formats but also the existence of a multitude of operating systems most of which are inspired by Android or additional elements of interface of the green robot.

Trying to combat this phenomenon with the aim of gaining some more market presence where the software of the Mountain View continues to be the protagonist; companies such as Lenovo are quick to implement their own interface as seen in some of the models, its subsidiaries, in a greater number of devices. Below we tell you more about the decision of the Japanese firm to incorporate its software ZUI in Motorola terminals.

One of the most characteristic features of the terminals of the latter company was the existence of an almost pure Android that did not add any more native applications coming from either Motorola or its parent company. With the addition of ZUI, it would seek to gain more ground in the Chinese market and compete against other platforms like EMUI that have enjoyed a good reception in some regions.

In this sense, there are still many ropes to tie. Portals such as Gizchina claim that it would appear either in the latest devices of the company as the Moto Z or the Moto C. As we said before, it would be more logical that it could only be seen in China, since the Asian country is the main for this technological advances and where it would have to offer greater resistance against the other interfaces.

This software was already present in another of Lenovo’s subsidiaries for some time named ZUK. Among some of its most outstanding features, we could find functions such as optimization of the battery and other resources. They already implemented simpler system of icons and interactions that through some gestures would allows access to various functions of the device with the goal of achieving much more intuitive management.


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