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Five of the Best New Travel Industry Start-Ups

Every year tens of millions of people get on planes, trains, buses, bikes, cars and other modes of transportation to see the world. Some want to have trekking adventures while others are happy to tour local sites and then return to a comfortable hotel room to play some online casino games at night for relaxation from their busy day.

The travel industry is working hard to meet the varying needs, interests, and budgets of travelers. Travel is a multi-billion dollar industry that encompasses everything from accommodations and tour guides to transportation, food, recreation, and “experiences.”

There are new start-ups emerging in the travel industry every month. Some of the best of 2019 include:


Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb is a well-known name in the travel industry. The company, which launched in 2008, has revolutionized booking accommodations, allowing anyone to offer their accommodations to travelers for competitive prices.

Now, Airbnb is embarking on a new path – Experiences. The Experiences operates in much the same way as the accommodations bookings – anyone who has some type of experience to offer travelers, from a home-cooked ethnic meal to scuba-diving lessons to a meditation class – can list it on Airbnb.

Travelers check out what’s happening in the area and then book their experience. They pre-pay and the person providing the experience receives the money on the day after the experience has taken place.

The goal of the “Experiences” option is to allow hosts to offer something unique and guests to have the opportunity to engage in an experience in which they might otherwise not know exists.


Sleepbox was designed to answer the need of travelers who don’t want fancy accommodations with add-on amenities. Sleepbox was invented so that people can get a place to simply……sleep.  Sleepbox pods are small, simple spaces where you can find a bed with linens, an internet connection and close proximity to bathroom facilities (though not showers).

The area where the pods are located is cleaned daily and there is staff on site 24/7 to assist with any needs. Sleepboxes are booked via an app. Presently, Sleepbox has established an area in the Dallas airport so, for instance, a traveler in the Dallas airport who needs a sleeping area can reserve a pod, go to the airport area where the Sleepboxes are located and stay in the pod for as long as he or she wishes (based on the booking).

Sleepboxes, which measure 45 square feet, can be booked with a single or a double bed.  The advantages of booking a Sleepbox over an airport hotel room are

  1. They cost approximately 25% of the price of a hotel room.
  2. They are located right inside the airport.


Business travel is very different than sight-seeing or pleasure travel.  With business travel, the traveler has a specific need that must be met – the modes of travel must be efficient, the accommodations must allow the traveler access to appointments and venues and there must be easy access to communication and information.

TravelPerk aims to meet those needs with a travel inventory that allows the user to search, book and manage everything in one central space.

TravelPerk enables the traveler to make all the arrangements or gives the reins to someone else. All of the user’s preferences, personal data, and loyalty programs are stored together for easy booking while payment, reporting and invoicing in consolidated to save time and money.

There is no set-up required and no contracts to sign. Once the user books his/her trip the TravelPerk people will handle the rest.


How often have you been stuck in an airport, train station or other transit locale and wished that you could use the time to see the sites – but you can’t because you’re stuck with your luggage?

LuggageHero, which presently operates in London, New York, and Copenhagen, gives you easy access to luggage storing sites that are located within retail outlets, hotels, cafes, and other convenient locales that are vetted by a LuggageHero’s representative who performs regular quality checks.

The service is cash-free so you just go to the LuggageHero location that you prefer, arrange to pay for the number of hours that you want to store your luggage, have your luggage secured with a security seal and head off on your adventures. The LuggageHero website provides a list of the LuggageHero spots that are nearest to your location.

Once you’ve booked, you click “start storage timer” follow the link provided on email or SMS or click on the link on your smartphone. You’ll receive directions once you have made a booking.

When you come to pick up your luggage you click “stop storage timer” which stops the clock from running and processes payment. Payment is by the hour.

All luggage stored at LuggageHero sites is insured.

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Beyond Pricing

If you’re a hotel or guesthouse owner, it’s likely that one of your biggest questions revolves around your competitors’ prices. You must keep your pricing competitive in order to draw as many potential guests as possible.

Beyond Pricing is a pricing tool that was developed for this purpose. With a quick click, a property owner will receive daily updates based on his/her personal market’s supply and demand, seasonality, local events and day of the week.

The tool also helps property owners plan into the future with projections of up to 12 months.

After reviewing pricing recommendations the user can turn on automatic pricing to ensure that they stay competitive.

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SkyHi aims to do for the air travel industry what Airbnb did for accommodations. The start-up makes it easy for travelers to claim a seat on flights on any of the program’s routes. Membership is $199/month so this most useful for people who travel frequently. Users can take up to 5 one-way flights per month, with flights starting at just $35.

You only pay for the flights booked. At the beginning of each billing cycle, the number of flights resets to five. Presently the program involves 8 cities but more cities are being added all the time. Routes include New York, Chicago, Miami, Austin, Boston, Washington DC, Montreal, and New Orleans. New cities are being added all the time.

SkyHi reports departing flights within the next 10 days so you don’t have to worry about booking last-minute tickets. No more waiting for the price to drop!  Booking is quick, efficient and clear.

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