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If you want to be a paid writer of “Hi Tech Gazette”, Just give us your sample article with the guidelines given below. We pays based on the quality of the article.

How to Submit Your Content Writing Sample?

Write down 1 article on any topic and mail us at [email protected]

Guidelines for Writer:

Just like a recommendation of influencer, guest post works for businesses! Today, If you want to rank any website on Google, you can’t deny the fact that you will need a quality content or in other words, the article that actually impact the viewers.

To create a masterpiece, here is something you must work on:


  1. Start with Thought Provoking Question or Quote such as “Do you know the universal truth of sunlight?”, “Have you ever dream of having a dream”, “What makes you fall in love” and so on!
  2. When you move further, start explaining about the aim/objective of the article – what your users gonna learn after reading the content?”
  3. Have you ever heard about Anecdote? – A short story? – A example in form of joke! Yes, that gives power to your content. Try to use anecdote with in your article.
  4. When I was young, I didn’t know the use of “Metaphor and Simile”. This is nothing more than “Use of As & like” with in the article. For example: You are just like Usain Bolt or You are Usain Bolt.

If you are understanding this format, you are Albert Einstein 😉

5. Without facts, your content is just a myth so don’t ruin your content just because of lack of facts.

6. Do you want your readers just to read the content or do you want result out of them? Whenever I write, I use “I & You”. Can you do with your article? If yes, you are good to go with our content writing guidelines.

7. Please do proper research before writing.

8. Please interlink all these articles.

9. There is Minimum word limit of 800 words and maximum could be anything based on requirement of the article but please make sure don’t write 1 thing again & again & don’t stretch the article.

10. Article needs to be informative (Point to point) and if you want to give anywhere brief explanations, go ahead.

11. At the end of day, I am looking for attractive and readable article by considering the keywords inside the article.

12. Keywords should be added inside the article as I have tried to add in my meta description. Keyword density should be good.

  • Main Keyword in first Paragraph
  • Supporting keywords are in Middle Paragraph
  • Main keyword in last paragraph
  • Please add Heading2, Heading 3 of your keywords to make it seo friendly.
  • Your article should be in proper format.

13. Please don’t forget to add call-to-action at the end of article. Call to action refers to the user activity on page. Ask for Queries/Suggestions/feedbacks, put queries, ask their problems and motivate them to share our content with their friends.

14. Please put relevant images (size – 742*490) along with the article.

15. Please put alt tag into Images similar to keywords of the article.

16. Meta Description should clearly explain the article Insight. “What they will get to know if they click on the article?”

In case you find any other topic on which we should write, you can advice us along with the piece of content you want to publish.

Topics to Write On:

Before writing, please have a look on our website. Hi Tech Gazette is having more than 2000 articles on the website covering everything. It’s one of the old-edition Google news approved website so there is no such issue of the content but what matters alot is “Quality of your content”.

However, if you ask me – what type of topics we generally accept:

  1. We accept app reviews, their download information.
  2. Gaming articles
  3. Related to “How to, Internet & computer,Operating systems, Mobile”
  4. Anything related to tech – doesn’t matter if it’s Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Bigdata, Internet of Things”
  5. Also, We cover business & companies related topics.
  6. Digital marketing is also a part of business so if you are having your own digital marketing services, you are most welcome.
  7.  Essay writing services or in other words, education!

If you have any question around topic, you can mail us @ [email protected] too.

Do you accept paid sponsored posts?

We have 2,00,000 users from the Google organic search. And offering sponsored guest posts to our readers.

If you are looking for a paid sponsored post, then you can mail us your article directly for review purpose at [email protected]

Guest Post service, Write for us

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Pricing of the Guest post depends on “Whether the content is valuable or not?” “Is it with the complete throughout information or not?“Is it a solving problem or is it just for marketing”.

It’s better if you send us your article directly for the review purpose. If we liked your article, then we will publish your article.

Thanks for being our guest; it’s an honor for us.

Disclaimer: “Hi Tech Gazette” holds every authority to approve or reject your blog content without providing any explanation or reason.