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10 Games Like Quick Draw For Increased Creativity

Imagine a world where creativity meets fun with games!

Sounds fun, right? That’s what you get to do with the Quick Draw video game.

Now, if you want to play similar games, here are 5 of my favorite picks –


Pictionary is a fun and competitive game perfect for parties, allowing players of all ages to test their drawing skills and guesswork. It’s like an impromptu art gallery where every sketch and guess brings you laughter.

Here’s what makes Pictionary stand out:

  • Drawing and Guessing: You draw a given word while others guess it.
  • Team Play: It’s a team game that encourages cooperation and strategy as teams work together to guess drawings.
  • Variety of Words: With a wide range of categories, you can use challenges for all drawing abilities and interests.
  • Timed Challenges: Rounds are time-bound, which adds excitement and a bit of pressure to guess quickly.
  • Game Progression: Teams move along a board based on successful guesses, making each game much more valuable for you.
  • Learning Opportunity: Beyond fun, Pictionary helps boost your vocabulary, quick thinking, and creative skills.
  • Accessible to All: Available as both a classic board game and in digital formats to ensure everyone joins in with you.

In short, Pictionary is more than just a game; it’s a creative adventure where players become part of a larger story through their drawings and guesses.

Doodle Guess

Doodle Guess is just like Quick Draw, where you’ve to display your artistic abilities and test your guesswork. It’s like a mini art contest where your creativity and interpretation are welcomed and appreciated by everyone you play with.

  • Drawing and Guessing: You must doodle using all the prompts you get while others attempt to guess it.
  • Competitive Fun: It’s a game that encourages friendly competition while enabling your creative expression.
  • Variety of Prompts: The game has various prompts to make sure engaging challenges for your artistic abilities and interests.
  • Quick Turns: The game is fast-paced, and exciting to keep you and your teammates on their toes every single time you play it.
  • Interactive Gameplay: You guess and solve doodles, making each match interactive and entertaining for everyone involved in the game.
  • Learning Opportunity: Besides entertaining, Doodle Guess helps you gain quick thinking, observation, and the ability to interpret visual cues.
  • Accessible Format: Available in various formats, allowing everyone to enjoy the fun.

In short, Doodle Guess is not just a game you play; it’s a place where you get to showcase your creativity and interpretation skills.

Games Like
Games Like is a free, fun, and engaging online multiplayer game like Quick Draw. Here are the key features of

  • Drawing and Guessing: You get to draw your selected word while other players are tasked to answer it correctly, scoring points along the way.
  • Multi-Round Games: Every Skribbl game you place includes rounds that raise the anticipation and thrill over who scores the most wins.
  • Winning Glory: If you’ve got the most points at the end of the game, you’re crowned the winner, adding a competitive edge to the game of
  • Mobile Support: You can enjoy on various devices of your choice. Ultimately ensuring that you join the game no matter where you are.
  • Advanced Features: With an undo button, more color options, and configurable hotkeys, you get everything that you always wanted—more control.
  • Player Interactions/Moderation: If you’ve created a room, you’ve got the power to kick or ban any player. This ensures a safe and respectful gaming environment.
  • Room Customizations: allows you to customize rooms, control the number of hints and word choices, or invite friends to public rooms.

Art Academy (Nintendo DS)

Art Academy for the Nintendo DS is an immersive, interactive learning experience that you expect to experience on your handheld Nintendo console. Here are some of the key features we like about Art Academy:

  • Comprehensive Lessons: Art Academy comes with structured lessons that range from sketching basics to advanced painting techniques.
  • Realistic Tools: In Art Academy, you get to use a virtual palette that mimics real-life drawing and painting tools. Therefore, letting you enjoy an authentic art creation experience.
  • Personal Art Studio: Your Nintendo DS becomes an art studio where you can practice, create, and save your artwork. This way, you get a portable and convenient way to develop your skills.
  • Progress at Your Pace: With the ability to pause lessons and work through them at your own pace. Art Academy adapts learners at all levels, from beginners to more experienced artists.
  • Share Your Creations: Although primarily an individual experience, you can share your work with friends. And in return, you get encouraging feedback and communal understanding.
  • Skill Development: Past entertainment, Art Academy is mainly developed to enhance real-world drawing and painting skills. This helps in offering a practical learning experience that exceeds the screen.


Last but not least, SpeedyPainter is a lightweight, powerful digital painting software designed for artists who always try to bring their creative ideas to life on a digital canvas. Here are the standout features of SpeedyPainter I like:

  • Brush Engine: SpeedyPainter has a universal brush engine that simulates real painting techniques and provides a realistic drawing experience.
  • Layer Management: SpeedyPainter comes with a sweeping layer management system. This means it allows intricate compositions while maintaining the flexibility to edit individual elements.
  • Replay Function: Unique to SpeedyPainter, the replay function lets third-party users review your painting process from start to finish.
  • Tablet Support: Fully compatible with drawing tablets, SpeedyPainter enables pressure sensitivity for more precise and natural brush strokes.
  • Canvas Control: When using SpeedyPainter, you can easily rotate, flip, or zoom into the canvas, mocking your control over physical artwork for detailed attention.
  • Portable Application: Being lightweight, you can run SpeedyPainter using a USB drive. This ensures your digital art studio is always with you, ready whenever inspiration strikes.
  • Export Options: You can save artwork in various formats. This allows easy sharing and exporting to other platforms for further editing or showcasing.

In short, SpeedyPainter is not just digital painting software. It’s an app that bridges the gap between traditional art and digital creativity without limits.


Each of these 5 games offers artistic tools to improve your creativity.

Whether you’re partying with friends, competing online, learning new skills, or expressing your artistic vision, there’s something here for everyone.

Ultimately, with all these games, you get to unlock the power of your imagination and bring your ideas to life in fun and interactive ways.

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