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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Check IVs in Pokemon Scarlet

How to Check IVs in Pokemon Scarlet?

Are you tired of losing battles in Pokemon Scarlet or struggling to progress through the game? It’s time to unlock your Pokemon’s full potential!

By understanding and maximizing Individual Values (IVs), you can build a powerful team that will dominate battles and helps you conquer every challenge Pokemon Scarlet offers.

Imagine the satisfaction of defeating tough opponents, breezing through the game, and becoming a Pokemon Master, all thanks to your knowledge of IVs and how to optimize them.

Read this post to learn everything you need about IVs, including how to check and maximize them, common mistakes to avoid, and tips for improving your Pokemon’s stats.

What are IVs in Pokemon Scarlet?

IV Guide
IV Guide

Individual Values, or IVs, are hidden stats that determine the potential of each Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet.

Each Pokemon has six IVs, one for its base stats:

  • HP
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Special Attack
  • Special Defense
  • Speed.

IVs range from 0 to 31, with higher values indicating better potential in a given state.

How do IVs affect Pokemon’s stats?

IVs directly influence a Pokemon’s stats. The higher the IV, the higher the stat at each level.

For example, a Pokemon with a 31 IV in Speed will have a higher Speed stat than a 0 IV in Speed, all other factors being equal.

This difference becomes more significant as the Pokemon levels up.

How do IVs differ from EVs?

IVs differ from Effort Values (EVs), another set of hidden stats affecting a Pokemon’s overall power.

While IVs are inherent to each individual Pokemon and cannot be changed, EVs are earned through battling and training. Each Pokemon can gain up to 510 EVs, with a maximum of 255 in a single stat.

IVs and EVs contribute to a Pokemon’s final stats, but IVs represent the innate potential, while EVs represent the effort put into training.

Importance of Checking IVs in Pokemon Scarlet

Role of IVs in competitive battles

In competitive battles, IVs play a crucial role in determining the outcome of a match. Pokemon with higher IVs have an advantage over those with lower IVs, as their stats will be higher.

Competitive players often aim for Pokemon with perfect or near-perfect IVs to maximize their chances of winning battles.

Role of IVs in breeding

IVs are also important in breeding, as they can be passed down from parent Pokemon to their offspring. By breeding two Pokemon with high IVs, players can increase the chances of hatching a Pokemon with desirable IVs.

This is particularly important for competitive players who want to build a strong team with optimal stats.

IVs and their impact on Pokemon’s potential

Ultimately, IVs significantly impact a Pokemon’s potential, directly influencing their stats. A Pokemon with high IVs will have better stats than one with low IVs, making it more effective in battles and other in-game challenges.

By checking and taking advantage of IVs, players can ensure they are using the best possible Pokemon to achieve their goals in Pokemon Scarlet.

How to Check IVs in Pokemon Scarlet?

How to check IV's
How to check IV’s
  1. Progress through the game until you unlock the IV Checker feature. This is typically obtained after reaching a certain point in the story or completing a specific side quest.
  2. Open your Pokemon menu and select the Pokemon whose IVs you want to check.
  3. Navigate to the Pokemon’s summary page to view its stats and other details.
  4. Look for an option to display the IVs, which may be labeled as “Judge” or “IV Checker.”
  5. Select this option to view the IVs of the selected Pokemon.

Understanding the IV Judge feature (if applicable)

If available in Pokemon Scarlet, the IV Judge feature is an in-game tool that allows you to evaluate a Pokemon’s IVs quickly.

It provides a rating for each IV, ranging from “No Good” (0) to “Best” (31). This feature is particularly useful for players who want to compare multiple Pokemon and identify those with the highest potential.

Interpreting the results

When you check a Pokemon’s IVs, you’ll see a rating for each of its six stats. These ratings give you an idea of how good the IVs are, with higher ratings indicating better potential.

Remember that perfect IVs are rare, and it’s unlikely that you’ll find a Pokemon with the highest rating in all six stats without extensive breeding or trading.

Tips for Maximizing IVs in Pokemon Scarlet

  1. Obtain a Destiny Knot, an item that ensures five IVs from the parents are passed down to the offspring when held during breeding.
  2. Catch or trade for Pokemon with high IVs in the desired stats.
  3. Place the two Pokemon with high IVs in the Day Care or Nursery while one of them holds the Destiny Knot.
  4. Collect and hatch eggs until you obtain a Pokemon with the desired IVs. Check the IVs of each hatched Pokemon using the IV Checker feature.

The use of Bottle Caps for improving IVs (if applicable)

If Bottle Caps are available in Pokemon Scarlet, they can be used to improve a Pokemon’s IVs. To use a Bottle Cap, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a Bottle Cap, typically found through various in-game activities or by trading with other players.
  2. Reach the required level or progress in the game to unlock the Hyper Training feature.
  3. Take the Pokemon you want to improve and the Bottle Cap to the designated Hyper Training NPC.
  4. Select the stat you want to improve and use the Bottle Cap to raise the IV to its maximum value.

Other strategies and tips for improving IVs

  • Participate in in-game events or special promotions that offer Pokemon with guaranteed high IVs.
  • Trade with other players who have Pokemon with high IVs.
  • Catch Pokemon in areas with higher chances of encountering Pokemon with better IVs, such as Max Raid Battles or special in-game locations.
  • Use Synchronize ability Pokemon to increase the odds of encountering wild Pokemon with the same nature as the Synchronize Pokemon, which may also have better IVs.

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Checking IVs

Misinterpretation of IVs

One common mistake is misinterpreting the IV ratings, assuming that a single low IV makes a Pokemon useless.

It’s important to remember that IVs are just one aspect of a Pokemon’s overall potential, and a Pokemon with one or two lower IVs can still be effective in battles.

Overemphasis on IVs vs other gameplay aspects

While IVs are important, it’s crucial not to overlook other aspects of gameplay, such as a Pokemon’s move set, abilities, and EV training.

Focusing solely on IVs can lead to neglecting these other equally important factors in building a strong team.

Ignoring IVs in non-competitive gameplay

For casual players or those not interested in competitive battles, it’s easy to dismiss IVs as irrelevant.

However, even in non-competitive gameplay, having Pokemon with decent IVs can make in-game challenges and battles more manageable.

It’s worth checking IVs occasionally to ensure you’re using the best possible Pokemon for your journey.


To master Pokemon Scarlet, you need to understand and optimize your Pokemon’s Individual Values (IVs). Check your Pokemon’s IVs, use strategies like Destiny Knots and Bottle Caps to maximize them, and avoid common mistakes.

Remember, good IVs can enhance your gameplay even if you’re not a competitive player. Start today, and get on the fast track to becoming a Pokemon Master.

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