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5 Ways to Follow the English Premier League

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Sports lovers have enjoyed an interesting few months thanks to the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Wimbledon, The Open, and other famous summer sporting events. But things will return to full speed when the English Premier League soccer season begins on Friday, 11th August. Are you ready to enjoy the 125th anniversary of this globally popular event? You will be by the end of this article.

Newly promoted Burnley return to the top-flight of English soccer with the unenviable task of facing Manchester City to raise the curtain on the 32nd season of the Premier League era. The Clarets were playing Championship football 12 months ago, while Man City is on the back of winning a historic treble. Pep Guardiola’s men scooped up the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup.

Is there more to come from the Cityzens? Traders working at the leading sportsbooks in Texas certainly believe so and offer four-in-a-row as the pre-season favorite. But Man City will face tougher competition than they do on day one away to Burnley. Defending their title is far from a given. An action-packed, dramatic, and unpredictable few months lie ahead. We can’t wait to get started.

EPL in all its glory

Man City may have won a third EPL title on the spin in spring, but they were pushed hard to the finish by Arsenal. The Gunners hit the front early and led the title race for much of the campaign. But Mikel Arteta’s Londoners stumbled down the home straight.

A lack of consistency in the campaign’s closing weeks saw Arsenal drop from pole into second place, eventually passed by a City team that refused to throw in the towel. The league looked done and dusted at Christmas, but champions don’t follow the script. They remained consistent, picking up points and keeping the pressure on until it was the right time to pass Arsenal and sprint for home.

It was a fascinating tussle involving the Cityzens and Gunners, and we’re hopeful both big guns will be firing again this season. But there will be others keen on gatecrashing the party. Fans hope to see Liverpool back in the running, joined by Tottenham, Chelsea, Newcastle and Everton. The 2023/24 campaign could be the best yet.

EPL lovers spoilt for choice

How do you enjoy the Premier League season in all its glory? How we watch and interact with our favorite teams is changing due to technological advancements. It’s no longer a choice between watching the game at the stadium or missing out and having to follow the highlights later that evening.

Post-pandemic, armchair fans and soccer enthusiasts have choices on how to get their EPL fix. More options are available than last year, and you may be surprised by what’s out there. Thankfully, our team of experts are here to help. We aim to arm readers with the knowledge to watch the games that excite them the most.

Keep reading as we detail five exciting ways to keep pace with the Premier League between the opening game and the closing Sunday. These options are available to all, and we’ve worked to ensure there’s something to suit all soccer fans and budgets.

Google Images Creative Commons Licenses

5 Ways to Follow the English Premier League

Visit the stadium

We’ll call this the old-fashioned way, as until recently, buying a ticket and visiting the stadium was the only guaranteed way to watch the game. It’s strange to think about now, but the previous generation faced two choices; watch at the stadium or avoid all social interactions and even the news until the highlights show later that evening.

Attending the stadium is one of many ways to watch an EPL game today due to the global audience, but it remains the best. If you want to get up close and personal with the players, coaches, officials, and fans, plan your visit and purchase a ticket from an official source.

Watch on TV

It was once the most popular method, but watching the big game live on TV now faces serious competition. Major broadcasters show several EPL games every week, often five or more at weekends. Viewers benefit from pre-match interviews, predictions, and chats. We have live commentary and half-time analysis during the play, then back to the game.

When the final whistle sounds, a broadcaster moves their coverage up a notch. When you think it’s over, viewers get the pundits’ reviews and interviews from the winning manager and player of the match. There are stats, scores from around the grounds, an updated league table, and upcoming fixtures.

Live streaming apps

Suppose you must work during a midweek game involving your favorite team. You can’t get a ticket to the stadium, and watching at home on TV is out of the question. Live streaming on your smartphone is the answer. Download the best live-streaming apps, and you’ll never miss a chance to cheer on your team.

We aren’t talking about the old, unreliable, and sometimes illegal live streams that plagued soccer fans for years. Instead, we mean modern, legal, and HD-quality live streams leading sportsbooks offer. The coverage is as good as you’d hope to find at any major TV broadcaster, but with one added advantage; you can watch on the go.

Heat map

Here’s an interesting one. The heat map available at major sportsbooks is a unique way to enjoy the play. It follows the ball around the pitch and has added text or audio commentary.

If wearing headphones isn’t an option and you can’t watch the game, the heat map is a valuable alternative. You’ll always know where the ball is, the team in possession, whether they are attacking or defending, and more.


Now we’re talking old-fashioned. But we love radio commentary. As there are no visuals for the listener, the Premier League radio commentator must be twice as descriptive and engaging as their colleagues working as TV broadcasters.

Despite a dwindling audience, Radio has the best commentators, and that won’t change anytime soon. It’s also a great way to follow the game while driving.


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