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Pool Vs Snooker Vs Billiards: what’s the difference?

There are lots of games to play for all age groups and among of them Pool, Snooker, and Billiards are quite popular. People use all these terms interchangeably but they are quite different from each other. If you observe them at a glance then you will not find any difference between the three. All the three games are played on a table and balls are used for playing. Another similarity is the cue stick which is used by the player to strike a ball. Apart from all these similarities, there are lots of dissimilarities between the three. Here in Pool vs Snooker vs Billiards, I will identify all the differences between all the three games.

Pool Vs. Snooker Vs. Billiards comparison
Pool Vs. Snooker Vs. Billiards: what’s the difference?

Pool vs Snooker vs Billiards: Ball difference

The main difference between the three games is the number of balls used. In Snooker we use 22 balls and one ball is white in color, refers to Striker ball. Fifteen red balls and yellow, brown, pink, Blue, Black and Green are 1 in quantity.

In billiards only three balls used. All balls are of White, Yellow, and Red colored. Yellow and white balls refer to Striker balls.

In Pool, we can change the number of balls according to the variant of the game. But the full set of Pool balls is of 16 balls. Eight balls come with solid color and numbered from One to Eight. Seven balls have a stripe and numbered nine to fifteen. One ball is a cue ball and it is of White color.

Pool vs Snooker vs Billiards: Table

As we all know that all the three games are played on Table. There are three types of tables to play all the three games: Bar tables, Recreational tables, and Tournament tables. There is also a Difference in their height. The main difference between the table of three games is of pockets. We don’t need pocketed tables to play Billiards whereas Pool and Snooker are played on pocketed tables.

Pool vs Snooker vs Billiards: Cue Sticks

Another difference between the three games is of the cue sticks. The cue sticks in Billiards games are shorter than Pool and Snooker games. Although there is the difference is of few inches but it is enough to differentiate. Usually, the length of cue stick in Pool game is 51 to 58 inches but there are shorter cue sticks available for kids. The cue stick used in Snooker looks like the Billiards and Pool game’s cue sticks.

Pool vs Snooker vs Billiards: Objective of the player

There are different objectives to win in all the three games. In Billiards the objective of each player is to reach the pre-confirmed number of points. And they strike three object balls with the cue balls and after hitting the railing of three balls they look for other object balls.

In Pool, the goal of the player is to hit the all their balls into one of the six pockets. On the other hand in Snooker the main motive of the player is to score more points than the opponent by pocketing all the three red balls.

Final verdict

Guys if you want to play these games then you must go for them. Although there are similarities in all the three games but differences are more than the similarities. All the three games are good to play. Still, any query then comments below and if you want to share any difference then tell us. Stay connected for more updates.


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