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10 facts you must know about

Our lives are affected by social media platforms and everyone busy in show-off through social media platforms. People update each moment of their day to day life and then enjoy likes and comments. Another way of grabbing attention is to create videos and post them on social media. There are plenty of video making apps which allow its users to create and post videos. Among of them is the best one and widely used by teens and tweens. Currently, 80 million users are using If you want to download then you must aware the important facts before going for it.

download for making funny videos
download important facts

1. What is

If you have used Dubmash then it is just like it and with you create videos with lip sync. Before download you must know that it is a social network loaded with talented video creators. You can make videos and save on and also share on your other social media platforms. is free to download and if you share the video on Instagram then you get editing features also.

2. How to use

Finally, you download and it is pretty simple to use it. But if you wanna take your video making experience more effective then you can add hand gestures, moving your camera and also light effects. There are tutorials on different platforms to make videos on allows you to go live

The most favorable feature of that it enables its users to go live but only iPhone users can utilize this opportunity. There is another app to go live and it is for every user.

4. How to create a Duet on

If you recently download and you want to sing a duet with your friend then you have to follow these simple steps to do so. Another thing there is no need for the physical availability of your partner.

  • Get the musically of your partner but you must follow each other
  • There are three horizontal dots in the lower right
  • You have to tap on start duet

5.Required age to be the user of

If you wanna download then you must be of at least 13 years. Although people of all age groups like if you are not of 13 then the company will delete your account.

6. How to change password?

Did you download If yes then you must aware how to change the password. You can change or reset password within minutes:

  • You have to select the option to forget password when logged out
  • Now insert the phone number or email id for signing in again
  • Now a link is sent to you and you have to click on the link

7. How to turn your account in to private on

If you wanna secure your account and don’t want to show your videos to all then you can make your account private. You just need to move to the profile and then settings. Now tap on settings and here you find an option private account. Tap on it.

8. How to block someone on

Things are not just finished after download and there are some more hurdles like someone can bother you. Then you have to block him/her. For blocking someone on you have to navigate their account page on Tap on three dots for settings. Here you will find a block option and tap on it.

9. How to record video without sticking the button on

It is really tough to hold the button at the time of recording but you can avoid it. For it just opens the app and clicks on Plus sign. Now different methods of recording will appear and choose your desired one and click on the timer-like symbol. 

10.From where you can Download is a free app and you can download it from Google play store. One noticeable thing is that all the android version and tablets don’t support If you want to download then you must have then Android 4.1 or more. is also available on Amazon app store.

Wrap Up is a good app for creating lip sync videos and people of all age groups love to make videos on it. Even kids are using it but parents are aware if your kid is using and you have to observe their activity. Keep a track on your kid for being safe. Still, any query then comments below and if you wanna share any other factor about, I didn’t describe then don’t be hesitate. For more updates stay connected.



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