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How to Get Clubhouse Invite on Android?

Clubhouse Invite

Clubhouse for Android is finally released. The invite-only social audio app is now available to download on the Google Play Store.

This has happened after Clubhouse started Android testing of the app in the US.

Originally, Clubhouse was released in March 2020 exclusively for iOS devices. Within no time, the app gained popularity after popular tech world faces like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk indirectly promoted the app.

If you’re new to the Clubhouse app, I’ll tell your everything about the app in this post. So, let’s get started:

Clubhouse Invite
Clubhouse Invite

What the Clubhouse App Really Does?

Clubhouse is a place where you can listen in on other’s live conversations happening inside a club.

The people you hear in the conversations may be famous, or knowledgeable in specific categories. Once you join audio chat, you can listen their question and if you’ve got any questions, raise your hands to join-in the conversation with them.

Why Did It Take so Long to Make an Android App?

After 1 years of its release, Clubhouse app has hit 3 million users on iOS alone.

Now, you might be thinking why it took them over an year to release the Clubhouse app for Android Users.

To be honest, Android is leading the mobile OS scene. So, if the clubouse was released along with its iOS counterpart, its servers would have crashed instantly (Despite the only-invite system).

So, instead of letting that happen, Clubhouse focused primarly on providing quality service to its existing user base. Now that the app is available for the Android users, you can download it from the button given right below:


How to Get a Clubhouse Invite?

Now that Clubhouse is released for Android, you might be quite eager to use it on your Smartphone. So, let me tell you how can get an invite for the Clubhouse app.

The only way to get into the clubhouse app is getting an invite from a user who is already there on the clubhouse app.

All they have to do is share invite link with you. But as a user, it’s not that easy to get an invite and share it with others.

An existing user can get an invite after creating a club, inviting other moderators and speakers to join into it. Or else, you can stay active in other clubs and staying active to earn an invite.

Once you’ve an invite, send it to your friend who’ll sign up for a clubhouse account using their phone number, email address and a unique username.

P.S. In the early days of Clubhouse’s launch, people were even paying to get an invite for the Clubhouse app.

Clubhouse Invite
Clubhouse Invite

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Clubhouse on my iPAD?

Yes, you can. But at the moment you would not get the best experience of the clubhouse app on iPad.

Can I or the clubhouse team can record your meeting?

NO. Those who are concerned about their privacy are happy about this and others are disappointed as you can record them just like podcasts.

Is it illegal to record Clubhouse meetings?

Well, clubhouse tries its best to stop your from recording clubhouse meetings without a speaker’s consent. But there’s no actual way for them to stop users who use third-party recordings app in their smartphone.


I’m excited that Clubhouse has finally arrived for Android Users. I first got to know about the Clubhouse when Elon Musk announced his arrival on the app.

Ever since then I was curious to get my hands on the app. Now, after trying the audio-chat app in the last 24 hours, I can definetly agree that it was worth the hype.

If you’re entrepreneur, solopreneur, business owner or even a student, I still can’t believe how easy it is to connect with the industry experts on the app.

That is all for now. If you’ve got any question or an invite then help others by sharing it with others in the comments section given below.

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