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Top 6 Apps like dubsmash for Android & iPhone

Nowadays, the craze of apps like Dubsmash is everywhere. People are sharing their vown versions of audio from their favorite movie. You will see such videos/audios on social media, their whatsapp stories and etc. So today, Let’s talk about the top 6 apps like Dubsmash for android and IOS.


Dubsmash is a very interesting app that is used by people using iOS or android and is very famous now a days. In dubsmash, you can choose any audio file, a movie or any other file and act it on your own. This is very similar to dubbing and it is extremely interesting as well as engaging.

After its launch, teenagers have started to use it extensively for fun and since then dubsmash has started to have a wide number of users who love using it. However, there are a number of other apps which are similar to dubsmash and are also used as alternatives by a number of people.


Given below are a number of apps that can be alternatively used in place of dubsmash and they are as follows-

Video FX video maker

Video FX video maker is one of the best unique app while creating videos. Here you could create some sort of business videos too. In VideoFX Video Maker app, You can add 30 extremely realistic effects to your video and share it with your friends on any social media platform. That’s how you could get following into your Facebook, instagram channels.


This is the best alternative app to dumbsmash. Select an audio file from library, act on it and record the video – that’s what you need to do with Vinesmash.

You can also record your voice and give it a number of effects. From using scary effects to funny ones, you can do a lot using this app.

This app makes sure that there is no deterioration in the quality of the video or the audio while editing. This is definitely one of the most interesting feature of the app.


Dubshoot is one app that lets you do a lot with selfie videos. You can edit your selfie videos and use a number of audio files to play in the background of the selfie video.

When it comes to the language, you can choose of any choice starting from hindi to telegu. Dubshoot app also gives you the freedom to use the dialogues of movies which adds to the grandeur of the video. So imagine you have a video of yourself, enacting it and the dialogue of your favorite actress running in background of the video. That would be amazing indeed.


Kinemaster app is indeed one of the most commonly used apps because of its amazing features. This app has innumerable effects and editing options with which you can enhance your videos. Dubsmashing using this app is indeed interesting and fun.

This app is also extremely user-friendly. That is, people dubsmashing for the first would also be able to follow well and will thus be able to put up a good video recording.

Androvid Video Editor

Androvid Video Editor be considered to be an alternative of dubsmash app and can be considered as a substitute. This helps the user to merge a number of videos and make a single video out of various bits and pieces. You can also add a number of interesting and funny effects to it.

Video show

Video show app is widely used to make the video more appealing and attracting. It’s unique and uncommon effects make it alternative of dubsmash app and suitable for video making app.

Updated list of best Dubmash alternatives on 11th October 2018:

All these apps are really great alternatives of Dubmash to mak funny, scarry, romantic and any other motion videos But recently 2 apps emerge as the hottest video making apps which is TikTok and Let’s have a look on the features of both apps:


Tiktok is one of the most popular video making app of 2018. The app allows you many options to make videos. You can use any background music, sound, funny motion and can picturise it on You. It allows you to capture your video in a High quality with the use of differnt filters. made people crazy with its amazing features. You can create your videos on any background music. This is also one of the best alternative od dubmash. The and Tiktok give tough competition to each other. Both apps have many video editing option. the apps is totally free to download on any platform.

As we all knows, it’s total fun video making apps which make our day beautiful and as we could use these apps for free, easy to use and customize, we love to enjoy and share.

Starting from making scary videos to funny ones, with funny effects, voice changes and adding filters, doing an experiment are just awesome features. So, what are you waiting for? Go and try these option.

If you have used any of the app to create scary, funny or any other type of video, then please let us know your experience and we will be happy to share it with our audience.

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