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Block Puzzle Games Are Dangerous An eye Opening Story

block puzzle

There is hardly any person who have not played a Block Puzzle. These pretty cool games are successfully surviving from 90’s to current time. Everyone loves to play despite of their age, one of the most popular reason is easy to play interface as many games needs excessive efforts that make it hard to play by laymen’s. If you are finding some great puzzle games you can check our previous post about top 5 games.

Today I am going to tell you a potential threat that can cause a collateral damage to your privacy, information and money. Nowadays the several block puzzle found on Google Play Store are doing that easily. If you are still not convinced read ahead how Block puzzle make an extra door in your system. When you download these block puzzle games you will get the chosen game but with some additional things. How that extra can make a hole in your security lets understand.

Making Entry in Your System

Have you ever witnessed update call just after downloading an Block Puzzle from Google pay store. If you are happy by thinking that you haven’t faced this. Still you can be a victim as many app do it in other way. As you started to play the game, after some time app screen shows an countdown, and here it is your update call. Even most of us approve this call due to mouth watering offers tempts us to do the same. Without thinking about potential risk.

What the client doesn’t know is that the game included malware that will attempt to persuade the person in question to download an “update,” which is really not an update by any stretch of the imagination. Truth be told, it’s another application camouflaged as an update, and it conveys a malware to payload or can influence the client’s framework from multiple points of view.

Understanding All About Fake Update

The fake framework alarm and following fake update takes all control over the screen. The application is attempting to cause the client to accept that. While the person in question was playing the game, Google Play Games chose to check for updates and discovered one, and now Google Play Games needs to introduce the update. For this situation, you must look for the suspicious actions like the game was shut abruptly. Without providing any alternative option to reject the framework alert or do that later the fake update.

Designers realize that it has become usual to visit application refreshes you see them on your telephone constantly. There’s as a rule at any rate one consistently or two, and it generally works a similar way. There’s an update, you confirm establishment, it’s downloaded out of sight, and introduced. On the off chance that things go easily, your association with the refreshed application may be hindered for a couple of moments, since that is the thing that REAL designers need to accomplish.



Thus, the fake application makers are exploiting this and trying to utilize the “update” procedure to get their malware onto a telephone without disturbing the client. Furthermore, there’s a decent possibility that the introduced malware payload won’t be seen for a considerable period of time, or even months.

There are several other methods used by the cyber criminals and also these methods are keep on evolving. What you need to get is timely checking up your device and remove these type of fake block puzzle apps.

How to Differentiate a Fake Update

If you want to assure that you didn’t installed an fake update, you can check your application list from your device Settings menu. If you see an application name pursued by another application of a similar name with “Update” added to its title, it’s in all probability a fake update application that you bought to uninstall.

As Standard procedure for a update never abrupt your app immediately. Generally you get an option to take the action now or later. Also It is said to be the new version of app not just an update even if you sees a warning sign, immediate action requirement. Do not download that update as a genuine update never use words like this.

If you have doubt you can always go on google play store to check and it will show your app requires an update or not.

Final words

That all for today, I hope you like the information on block puzzle and will share it with your friends and family members. As the new world is getting digitalized day by day and also opening new threats for your money and information.

So keep on reading our articles as they will update you to stay safe. If you want us to write on topic of your choice mention in the comment box below. Our team will try their best to answer that in our upcoming blogs.

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