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Pubg Game Guide: Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, commonly known as PUBG, seems like another simple game on the surface. But the game is not as simple as it looks. Like some other classic games of this era, the game is much deeper than it seems in the beginning. Hence, you may need a PUBG game guide if you are just starting out with the game.

Here, in this article, we will be sharing with you our PUBG Guide, along with many tips and tricks for beginners.

The game is one of the most played games on PC and hence, there are so many PUBG tips and tricks that can help make you better at the game. Let us first have a look at the basic gameplay.

Update 22nd September 2018: In last few months PUBG becomes an addiction of gaming lovers. Everyone who loves to play games, couldn’t stay away from PUBG.

The gaming company reveals the latest update of PUBG in which Map selection, quick menus for grenades and healing items, and automatic reload all coming in PUBG update #22

PUBG Game Guide: Gameplay

Unlike many other third-person action shooting games, PUBG doesn’t focus on maximizing the number of kills. Rather, the focus is on surviving the game. You have to change your playing behavior a lot as most players are used to the ‘kill every enemy you see tactic and don’t focus as much on survival.

The main focus in this game is survival and, hence, you must use stealth to your advantage. The game focuses so much on stealth that you would be surprised to know that most of the top ranking players use plain old boring stealth strategies to win the game. These players compete at many tournaments with these strategies.

Some of these strategies include strategies like hiding in offshore boats while the game progresses. When everyone else is busy killing each other, why take the risk of dying?

Game Flow

PUBG’s combat mechanics are not the same as other games. It may seem odd to many players. Once you master it, you will find that you are able to win more and more rounds.

Here’s how each round in the game starts and what strategies most people use in these stages:

  • You start out on a plane where you will have the option to land anywhere you want. There are many ideal locations that you can choose. The idea is to avoid common areas like major towns and cities where many players would want to land. You should ideally find small safe spots and work on looting weapons and making a few of your own equipment.
  • When you are all set and are ready to begin, you should then go to where the white circle is. Along the way, focus on finding safe spots to rest. You will also be able to loot more weapons in these spots. Defend yourself and wait for the player count to drop. Ideally, you should wait till there are only 10-15 players left.
  • Finally, with only 10-15 players left, it is time to go for an all-out fight. Here is where some of the tips from here will be useful.

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PUBG Game Guide: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

For someone who is just starting out, the game can get a bit overwhelming. Hence, it is important to have a look at these PUBG tips and tricks which will help you survive the fight.

1) Increase your speed and be quiet

In the game of survival, speed can be one of the most important factors. It can be the difference between life and death in many scenarios. Hence, focus on increasing your speed. Always put away your gun (X on PC) as this will help you run six percent faster. Also, remember to take off your shoes in the pre-game. While there’s no difference in speed when you run barefoot, you will be quieter.

2) Firing at the enemies

There is an option to change the rate of fire. Use the B button on the PC to change your rate of fire. Remember that there are three types of aiming in the game.

  • Firing from the hip.
  • Accurately firing from the hip (hold right mouse button)
  • Aiming down sights (tap right mouse button)

3) PUBG Game Guide to Ideal loot area

While big cities and towns are dangerous areas to land on, they are also the areas with the most loot. So, what is a beginner who doesn’t want to be killed on landing supposed to do? You must find the ideal loot area. Find a small cluster of buildings near the borders of a city and try to land at the edge of the city.

4) Use of Vehicles

Although vehicles are excellent at covering large distances faster, they will draw attention to you because of the large noise they cause. Hence, you must use vehicles wisely. Remember that vehicles sort of follow Hollywood logic in the game. Hence, your vehicle will roll when you park it downhill. It will also explode if it hits something at high speed. Hence, if you do crash your vehicle, run away from it as soon as possible. And if you must park on a slope, park the vehicle sideways.

5) Weapons and Armor

When you start the game, focus on finding these items as soon as possible:

  • Rifles (good in nearly all kinds of situations)
  • Backpack (to store your items)
  • Bulletproof vest (we don’t need to tell you why this is necessary)
  • Helmet (you don’t want the first wound you receive to kill you, do you?)
  • Healing kit (to survive encounters with your enemies)

Here are a few points to remember regarding your armor and weapons:

The better the gear you have, the better your chances of survival.

Remember that all scopes will not work with all kinds of guns. For example, 8x scope will not work on the M16. Similarly, you will not be able to put an 8x on SMGs.

Learn how much damage which kind of helmet can take before being useless to you. Kar98, for example, is the most commonly found sniper weapon in the game. If your helmet is below level 3, you will be killed with a single headshot of Kar98. But with a level 3 helmet, you will have at least 1 chance.

Pistols are useful only at the beginning of the game. They are pretty much useless in the later stages of the game. Do not waste precious inventory space by keeping pistols in your inventory unless you have no other weapon or the pistol is automatic.

Undamaged low-level armor is often better than high-level armor that has been damaged.

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6) Healing Kits

In the game, there are two ways in which you can heal yourself back to 100 percent health. One of these is the Medkit, which is very difficult to find. It can instantly heal you to 100 percent. The other way is to find items that boost your health. These items include items like Energy Drinks, Painkillers, etc. These heal you over time.

Bandages and First Aid Kits will get you back up to 75% health. While First Aid kits will heal you after seven seconds, bandages will need more time up to about a minute. They also need to be applied many times. Hence, you must save First Aid Kits and use bandages in the beginning stages of the game.

7) PUBG Game guide to Avoid Traps

There are many kinds of traps in the game. And no, we are not talking of mechanical traps.

Many players hide and wait for you to use areas that are a MUST USE area. For example, a bridge that the player definitely needs to cross.

Try to avoid such places. If it is a bridge, try to cross the bridge as soon as possible. If you are unable to do so, do not go across the bridge. Swim from below the bridge or get a boat.

8) PUBG Game guide to clearing buildings

Most of the loot is stored in the buildings all around your town. Hence, it becomes essential for you to enter the buildings if you want to find loot. However, there are many times when the building may be a trap. Here’s how to properly clear a building.

Before going in, check if the door is open. As doors are closed to begin with, if the door is open, someone is either inside the building or was inside the building. This can be a sign to understand if the building can be dangerous. When entering a building yourself, remember to close the door behind you.

When you enter a building, don’t start running around to collect the loot. Look all around and clear the whole building first. Many users will stay hiding in corners and kill you when you go to pick the loot.

Do not jump from the buildings in a hurry. The game has fall damage. If you jump from more than 2 floors, you will incur damage. The higher the height from where you jump, the more you will damage your character.

9) PUBG Game guide to avoiding sniper fire

Do not run randomly in clear areas. If you are taking fire from a range, do not look all around like a fool while taking fire. Run in a zig-zag formation and try to take cover as soon as possible. Run in the opposite direction of the gunfire till you find the cover. If you are unable to find cover, find a vehicle and drive away in it as fast as possible.

10) Don’t stand still

Even if you are just going to be in a spot, say, for picking up a loot item, do not stand still at one location. Snipers will find you an easy target and take you out. Keep moving, keep jumping or wiggling from side to side at all times. You can also keep crouching and be standing up frequently to avoid giving your enemy the satisfaction of killing you with one single headshot. This will help you avoid sniper fire.

PUBG Game Guide: Conclusion

Unlike many other action games, PUBG is not as easy for a beginner. Each round is unique and you must use strategy to survive as long as possible. These PUBG tips and tricks laid out in the article will help all beginners survive longer in the game.

How did you find our tips and tricks? Did these help you improve your game? Were you able to survive for a longer period in the game or even win a round? Should we add something else in the article? Tell us in the comments section below.

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