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Geometry Dash Guide: Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Geometry Dash is a 2d platformer game where players will dodge the obstacles that are on their way to finish line. The unique feature that separates this game with others is rhythm-based action platforming. The game is available as trial and premium versions. The trial game consists of 10 levels. Premium version is of $1.99 with which players will be able to play many levels.

Play daily quests to earn rewards. Unlock colors and many unique icons to customize your character. Practice mode is also available to practice the game. This game is neither easy nor extreme tough. As you play along, the game speeds up and it will be much harder to dodge obstacles. Here are some of the tips and tricks to use while playing geometry dash.

Geometry Dash Guide Tips And Tricks

Give a Couple of Trials

Do not start off the game with the thought of getting high scores in the first attempt. For sure, you will be knocked out early because the gameplay is like that. So, open the game without any expectation and just play it. Have a mindset that if you are doing well, it is okay and if you fail then too it is okay.

Play a few games as a trial so that you will know the game flow and rhythmic approach. This will give you the clear understanding of the game and will be able to play better in the next times.

Ignore Secret Coin

While playing the game each time you will found some secret coins. To earn them you have to move away from your regular path. This can be seen as a hurdle to clear a level in my opinion just ignore them. As they are not needed to complete the level kindly ignore them. Earning them is just making it tougher to clear the stage.

Sync With Rhythm

As you have observed above, Geometry Dash is a rhythm-based action platformer. The player icon falls freely and you have to click to jump it up. Obstacles will be present up, down and middle. If you press the screen on wrong time, the player hits the obstacles and game over.

One of the irritating things in this game is having no checkpoints. Even if you reach at the end of level and for some reason you hit obstacles, it is game over. It has to be started all over again from the start. So, play along with rhythm and you will eventually do well in the game.

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Be Calm

Initial levels are easy to complete. But you will find it tougher to play as you go to higher levels. As you fail, the calmness level decreases. You become frustrated and start clicking the screen without the timing and hence you lose again.

So, don’t lose focus and be calm. If you are losing again and again for a couple of times, take a break for 10 to 20 minutes. Don’t go super hard on the game as this result in losing. So, play the game and if you lose try again. If you lost in successive games, take a break and start again.

Use a Cheater App

If you are desperate enough but struggling hard to clear the stage. You can use a third party cheater app it will slow down your movement of cube. This will make it simpler for you jump and giving you higher time to react.

Practice Mode

Geometry dash involves practice mode where you can practice the game as much as you want. While playing the levels, stress is more to complete the level. But while playing in practice match, you have nothing to lose and hence will play cool and calm.

The more you play the more perfect you get. This game is all about timing. Until you are perfect in timing, there is no chance of winning the levels. If you are doing well in practice match but not in levels, then you are stressed and anxiety issues may arise.

Treat Geometry dash as a game. It is not a life and death issue so there is no reason to worry about losing levels. Try more and one day you will complete all levels in a positive note.

If you are frustrated while losing the game, then try geometry dash hack and cheats to clear every hard level.


The difference between beginners and professionals is an experience. But Geometry dash gameplay influences professionals also to get frustrated with losing in higher levels. The above-mentioned tips will work both for professionals and beginner level players.

Putting all these aside, play the game, enjoy the music, deal with frustration, calm yourself, play the game in the right way and be on top. For more latest updates and features, stay reading us. Drop the comment below if you have got some really working trick for the game.



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