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Heart of Iron IV Guide: Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Paradox interactive developed and published Heart of Iron IV video game. The genre is war strategy and this game is the sequel of Hearts of Iron III. The game is based on Second World War that was fought from 1939 to 1945. The war caused a havoc and more than 100 million people from 30 countries are directly involved in the war. Desperate to win, countries have used their industrial, scientific and economic capabilities in war.

Hearts of Iron IV is a war strategy game where you will be given control to handle troops, manage resources, negotiate or go offensive to win the war. User’s strategies play an important role in winning. Here are few tips and tricks to start off playing Heart of Iron IV.

Heart of Iron IV Guide: Tips And Tricks

Learn the Basics Tips of the Game

Hearts of Iron IV is no ordinary game and every bad decision gets you into warning zone. Upgrading troops, Researching units, weapon upgrades, planes and ships upgrades to latest technologies, Training land units and many more are involved in this game. So, learn the basics before jumping to this game to reduce time wastage.

Have your hands on Keyboard Shortcuts of the Game

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Keyboard shortcuts are always handy. As explained above, there are many activities to handle as you are in charge. Icons are visible and easily accessible. But shortcuts are always helpful and reduce the pain of searching. Here are a few shortcuts utilized in the game.

  • Press “Q” to open up the political panel.
  • Press “T” to open the military factory.
  • Press “R” to open Trading panel.
  • Press “Y” for production panel.
  • Press “W” for research panel.

Here are few and there are many shortcuts available. If you can master it, the game will be much easier to play.

Build factories of the game is the core part of the game

Whole nation rests on you. It is your responsibility to balance all the factors associated with the development of the country. Build military and civilian factories to expand your infrastructure. There involve limitations, so be careful while building units. Act as per priority and build the factories.

Management in the game is very important if you want to excel in the game

New unit’s production, reinforcements, upgrades, gear management, technology research, template management are some of the management activities handled by the user. You have to act according to the economic status and apply rules for bringing victory to the country.

Know the Controls of the Game

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As said above, there exist many panels to deal with. But after you get a hold of keyboard shortcuts and game UI, handling will be much easier. Let’s understand with an example. Suppose you want to upgrade gun. The process is as follows.

  • Press W for research panel.
  • Click on “Select a technology to research”.
  • Under weapons and equipment, click on any weapon you wish to upgrade.
  • A confirmation window opens.
  • Click on research.
  • That’s it and the gun will be upgraded by a specified time.

Options are many but controls are easy to use. Get a grip on those and plan strategies to win the Second World War for your country.

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The above mentioned are some of the tips to start with the game. As a beginner, you may face many issues, queries, problems, misjudgments during the game. Play for few days and with experience, you will master the Hearts of Iron IV game. We will update more tricks and tips of the game, as we get to know. You can drop the comment if you know more tricks, tips, and hacks of the game to play the game like a champ. Stay reading us for the latest updates.

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