BioWare Anthem Release 2019 – Details Revealed

This is for all you gamers out there. With 2019, there is a lot to look forward to from BioWare. BioWare Anthem is going to be one of the most telling stories so far.

BioWare Anthem will arrive on 22nd Feb 2019
BioWare Anthem Release 2019 – Details Revealed

Here is the thing the general people feel about the gaming world. With the violence and destruction in most big games in the market; they feel the gaming world is far behind in storytelling. But, BioWare is about the change that. Bioware Anthem is set to take gamers on an incredible journey of storytelling with a plot that is fast-paced.

If you have been wondering what the storyline is going to be. Then Micheal gamble is going to keep shut on that topic. Yet, what you can expect is to see how Bioware places a single player storyboard, on to multiple player stories.

Even if Bioware got you used to Mass Effect and Dragon Age, you can expect a lot of non-combat options for players in Anthem. Or at, least that is the idea the Anthem trailer gave out at the Game Awards.

But, you will be given a few dialogue options, and that would define how your NC’s would interact with you. But, the Anthem game will not be branching out stories like Dragon Age.

BioWare Anthem will arrive on 22nd Feb 2019

BioWare’s ‘Anthem’ going to arrives February 22nd, 2019. BioWare’s Destiny-style game is now slated to arrive February 22nd, 2019 on PS4, PC and Xbox One (February 15th for Origin Access Premier subscribers).

BioWare Anthem is built to exceed a gaming storytelling pattern! Check out BioWare Anthem Trailer!

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What to Expect from Bioware’s Anthem?

Everything! That’s how I would start it. Expect the unexpected. Micheal Gumble has set out some hints. But, a lot if yet unknown about the Bioware’s latest bomb drop in February; Anthem.

There has been a lot of talk about what to expect and many fans have been tweeting to Micheal Gamble for details on Anthem. Here is on the tweets that broke the easter egg for us.

BioWare Anthem

Yup! You can now level up to 10 or 15. But, here is a tad bit sad news. You can’t carry over progress from the demo to the new game. So, I suppose, you some, and you lose some.

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What else can be done with Anthem Demo?

Well, the answer is quite a lot actually.

You expect some ‘free play’ going on in Anthem demo, as BioWare would want you to play around and get used to it. But, again the only thing you can probably take to the real game is a few portions of the single player hubs.

Content: what’s in Store for BioWare Anthem?

Much! The Anthem Demo is designed to be far stronger than just any other demo for you. You get a glimpse into the real game and everything you can expect.

Season Passes: Anthem Demo doesn’t need it nor the Real Game

Simply put! You will not have to dish out season passes to buy more content. You can just pay the $60 for the game and don’t think about it anymore.

So, you can easily wait for the 22nd of February, 2019 to get the full version of the game. Bioware Anthem released date was pushed back for the release of Battlefield 5 in October 2018.

Get your PC, Xbox One, PS4 ready because Bioware Anthem is built to keep pace with the fans through force.

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