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A person’s everyday life is very much influenced by the state of his body and mind. An old mantra says that “Health is Wealth”, but this is not only some old words to utter but is it being seen that the person who is absolutely fit and healthy, he is wealthy even. Health is a very important aspect of everybody’s life. Many people go through various practices such as fitness training, eating the balanced diet, avoid eating junk food, avoid smoking, reducing intake of alcohol etc to stay fit and maintain good health.


Poor health can be caused by a no. of different factors such as poor eating habits, lack of exercise and sometimes stress even. Every person who desired to be absolutely fit and healthy never lacks in eating properly balanced diet but fruit juices the last nutrient in the list sometimes called the forgotten nutrient. But as the 6 nutrients are necessary the fruit juice is considered as the most important among all. It is a necessary ingredient in the metabolic processes and is required for the growth of the body. If fruit juices and other liquid substitutes are not present in the human diet, digestion of food, absorption of nutrient and waste excretion would be impossible. Along with this, it helps our body to get rid of the toxins.


On the other hand, people who drink fruit juices in their pure state regularly, it helps their body to give various health benefits. Fruit juice such as cranberry juice is used to prevent urinary infections, orange juice is believed to reduce the risk of heart attacks and grape juice is used to decrease the chances of blood clots in the heart.


Recent scientific studies have claimed that the antioxidants found in various fruit juices help in reducing the chances of heart diseases and it even helps the patients to fight cancer. Freshly squeezed juices are excellent sources of minerals which catalyze chemical reactions in our body. These enzymes also help our body to generate energy which is needed in the process of absorption and conversion of food into body tissues. And an increased intake of fruit juices ensures that the body will efficiently absorb more minerals and vitamins.


As we all know that the human body is made up of two-thirds of water and it needs around eight glasses of water daily to replace the water it loses during the day. The need for water in the body can be fulfilled by taking other liquids even. In this case, people usually prefer more fruit juices instead of water. Another essential benefit of fruit juices is their capability to enhance and promote detoxification in the human body. Fruit juice helps to clean bodies those with high acid levels. Some juices of fruits like oranges, lemons, and red grapefruits are well- known for their detoxifying properties.

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