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5 Must-Have Best Home Appliances in 2018 !


With new advancements in the field of technology, the home appliances industry is seeing a makeover. With many new and modern appliances being introduced in the market. Home development is one area which is constantly evolving and sees new developments every day. Home automation and smart homes is a huge trend these days. And we are going to introduce you to five smart home appliances which are a must-have in 2018:

5 Must-Have Home Appliances in 2018 !

Wi-Fi enabled Ovens

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Operate your oven remotely using your smart phone with the new Wi-Fi enabled ovens which heat your food and keep it ready for you to eat when you reach home. You can control all the functions of the oven through an app and it also reminds you when it is ready to cook. They are also much more efficient in choosing cooking modes for a particular recipe. Steam ovens and all-in-one ovens with multiple functions are some other new appliances to watch out for in 2018.

Responsive Cook tops

With different cooking zones to adjust to different pan sizes, responsive cook tops are taking the world by storm this year. They also come with sensors which thwart any boiling over automatically. So that you do not have to keep an eye over the dish all the time. Undercover stoves are also making an entry which makes your kitchen look much sleeker a compared to traditional cook tops.

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Smart Air conditioners and thermostats

Enabled with Wi-Fi and controllable through an app, smart air-conditioners are a must-have appliance these days as they are much more energy-efficient as compared to old models and have multiple other features which make them the best in the market. With a compact size and Alexa voice control, these smart air conditioners are easy to maintain also and can be regularly inspected using a simple checklist.

Smart Security Camera

Updating home security is one of the key developments home owners are looking at in 2018 and a high-end security camera is one appliance which can make your home feel safe and secure 24*7. With advanced motion detection and two-way talkback system, these security cameras come with sound detection systems also to provide complete security to your home.

Air purifier

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Having clean air to breathe is a luxury these days. With the rising air pollution levels and respiratory diseases are seeing a steep growth. In fact, as per studies, indoor air is much more polluted as compared to outside air. Installing an air purifier in your home can solve this problem easily. With much advancement in the field of filtration techniques, the modern air purifiers clean the air inside your home and reduce airborne microbes significantly.


So these are five modern home appliances which have arrived and are here to stay! These appliances can make your home look modern and safe. It is time to upgrade the old air conditioners and ovens to make way for new and better models which are going to become very popular in 2018.

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