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Best 10 Apps for entrepreneur to Scale their Small Business or Startup

There’s a popular saying in the business world, “Time is Money.” You can go and ask any businessman in the world If they agree with it or not, and I’m sure each and every one of them does. More than money, if there is one thing every entrepreneur wishes he/she could have more of, it’s definitely time. It’s the 21st century. The age of the internet. The click is ticking, and with every passing second, your competition gets tougher.

How to reach your goals faster

Apps to Reach Your Goal

What should you, as an entrepreneur, choose between hard work and smart work? If you said smart work, congratulations; you got it right. There may not be any shortcut to success, but there are ways you can make more time out of the twenty-four hours in a day, and that is surely gonna get you closer to success. As always, the internet has a solution – productivity apps. These smart apps are a boon for Entrepreneurs like you.

How can these apps help

Making as much as you can out of your time isn’t simply about sitting at the desk and working hard constantly. Instead, it’s actually about spending your time in working hard only on the right things, besides tackling them as efficiently as possible. Fortunately for entrepreneurs, there are plenty of apps out there that will help you scale your company’s overwhelming workload, as well as give you the motivation you need to get things done.

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apps for startup to grow business

The following ten apps are among the favorites of entrepreneurs around the world :

  • Evernote: These are high chances you probably know about Evernote already. Evernote is available for free on Web, iOS, and Android. This amazing app can become whatever you want it to be. Do you want a simple place or journal to keep notes or store insights as they occur? Evernote, let’s you do that easily. Are you planning to set up a complete David Allen-style “Getting Things Done (GTD)” environment inside the program? Evernote can do that for you as well.
  • Dropbox: Just like Evernote, you probably aren’t surprised to find Dropbox on a list that consists of recommended apps for Entrepreneurs. Dropbox’s value is already very well-established around the world, however, there’s a high probability that even though you have this wonderfully handy app installed on your computer or cell phone, you’re still not making as much out of it as you actually can.
  • LastPass: In this era of online insecurity, setting secure passwords and keeping them that way is an absolute must; but it’s not easy to keep in mind all those different combinations of letters and numbers all the time. If you struggle to keep your online accounts secure, LastPass can help by generating, storing and automatically recalling strong passwords for all of your Internet logins. It’s free to use on both PCs and Macs, though you’ll pay $12/year to have the premium version available for download to your mobile device.
  • Remember the Milk: Remember the Milk (RTM) is a widely-used to-do list management program that’s worth a look if you’re having trouble tracking your tasks. The Web version and basic iOS and Android apps are free to use, though daily syncing will run you $25/year.
  • Wunderlist: If RTM lacks in any one area, it’s a visual appeal. The program is easy to navigate and can be used to quickly and efficiently track important tasks from within its free desktop, Web, iOS and Android versions.
  • Instapaper: It’s coming across the best interesting articles & also the best part of the Internet – and worst things also are that your overall productivity levels. Your selected Web pages will be automatically saved for later browsing when they’ll be displayed in a reading-friendly format for free on your computer, iPhone, iPad or Kindle.
  • Yast: Nearly all professionals can easily benefit from some type of time-tracking program – whether this type of tool is used to report billable hours back to customers or to simply measure how working hours are being spent. Last provides an incredibly easy-to-use solution (just press the “Play” button to start tracking time to a specific account) that’s free to use for personal time tracking. Business accounts for entire teams are available as well, starting at $14/user per month.
  • Focusbooster: Plenty of entrepreneurs use the Pomodoro Technique (which alternates 25-minute long working blocks with short breaks) in order to maintain sustainable, long-term productivity. It’s free to use and provides a simple way for business professionals to stay focused over long periods of time.
  • Leech Block: If you find that the Pomodoro Technique alone. In this case, you need Leech Block – a Firefox add-on that allows you to lock down specified websites. you can easily be customized to suit your working habits and even it provides you a  helpful reminder.

Well, these were a few of the internet’s most popular business scaling apps. If you know about other similar apps that help you get through the work day faster, and scale your business in an effective way, please share them with us in the comments section below!

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