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Top 7 Technology Innovations {Tech Trends} in India & What to expect onwards 2018

If you are a tech geek like me, then keeping up with the recent Technology Innovations in India is your hobby. You might have heard of the West making robots cut your hair at the salon but, mind you India has achieved massive growth in technology.

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So, here are the top technology trends and innovations that would blow your mind. Let’s find out how India has reshaped the global technology innovations;

Top 7 Recent Technology innovations in India – 2018 and Indian Tech Trends

  • The rage of the machine – AI assistance and capabilities

If you have kept up with the innovation in India 2017 then you know that AI’s will grow. Asoke K. Laha CEO and president of InterralIT has made it clear with the growth in disruptive technologies like Augmented Reality, you will be seeing a lot more than airlines ticketing getting done by bots.

Bots will be doing a lot more than confirming bank details. The healthcare industry will be using AI’s to assist in processes during surgery. These are innovations that are going to redefine how you access healthcare facilities.

  • Blockchain Technology- Making sustainable living better

You have heard about AI’s helping in public and private sectors, but the blockchain technology is something that is going to revolutionize how you live. The Indian government has allocated 30 Smart Cities. That means you have the opportunity to live with the latest technology trends assisting your day to day lifestyle. Such a leap in sustainable and smart living is predicted to make you and me rethink our life goals.

  • Cloud Computing – Reshaping how you save data

You must have noticed that the logistics industry is on a tech high in India. Cloud computing has brought you data storage and recovery at lightning speed. With AI’s and cloud computing, you can see how real-time deliveries and shipments are made easy.

If you owned a massive logistic company and needed to cut labor costs and meet demands then cognitive computing would take the lead. Big Data and Cognitive Computing are predicted to capitalize on the growth of logistic industries while saving over $300bl per annum.

  • Use of Sensor Technology

Companies are constantly working to deliver you innovative technology and product capabilities. The market segment for sensor technology is still growing in India. You can actually see how the increased number of traffic sensors we use.

The public sector has heavily investest in this innovative technology to increase productive services for the public. Apart from that, the private sector is increasing the utility of their products to bring innovative sensory technology.

  • Agricultural Innovation

India is one of those countries that has shown you how to use innovation in agricultural industries. You can see it through the rapid use of machinery and digital software on big farms. Agricultural services and industries are also an App based industry that uses cloud computing to meet demands.

  • Go Green Tech Innovation

You know how India has always pushed for green technology, just by seeing the number of solar panels rural India has. But, what is more, exciting when leading industries collaborate to move to Green technology by using urban eco-friendly innovative production processes.

Starting from the Kerela Airport that is fueled by green technology and solar panels, tech industries have been seen to rapidly incorporate eco-friendly manufacturing.

And finally!

  • IoT Technology to re-shape Indian cities

You heard about the top 30 Smart Cities that the Indian Government has chosen to innovate. It is designed to upgrade sustainable living using the IoT ( Internet of Things ) technology.

That means every device and service provider is part of a physical connection making using of AI and bots to run these cities. Its another leap forward to technology innovation in India and putting us on the map.

This technology will also include smart grids, smart cities, Virtual power plants, and virtual and smart homes. In other words, your trip to the grocery store will be quite different.


India is set to size up the technology innovation boom and raise benchmarks in app-based technology. How? Because utilizing the population to grow and build smarter living standards and how public services are dispersed, is a leap towards a futuristic lifestyle.

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