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Recent Indian Inventions Probably You don’t know in Science & #Technology

What haven’t you heard about India by now? India has also given you recent Indian inventions defining modern technology as you know it. Home to the oldest civilization in the world, India has paved modern technology.

You know for centuries India has contributed to fields of medicine, science, art, mathematics. She gets credit for a lot of what Modern Science holds very dear to. Recent Indian inventions have globally expanded the horizons of Science.

Indian Scientists has had a long record of giving the science community data and breakthroughs throughout decades now.

So without delay;

Top Seven Recent Indian Inventions are-

You can give much credit to recent Indian inventions in taking the scientific data further to understand your complex concepts of science, energy and so much more.

  • A Game-Changing Cancer Molecule Inhibitor

Sathees C Raghavan an associate professor at IISc’s biochemistry department invented a molecule inhibitor, SCR7. When MIT tested it, it was found to have the efficiency and potential to be a game-changer in we develop anti-cancer drugs. Binding with cancer cells to block the DNA repair and as a result, killing the cancer cells.

This invention is the research phase and has put Indian scientists on the map for taking the thrive to beat cancer a step forward. Cancer has been on the list of medical breakthroughs for years. You can only begin to imagine the effect of such a medical breakthrough in developing anti-cancer drugs has in the battle against cancer.

Cancer takes millions of lives every year and having such breakthroughs in cancer study and treatment can actually save lives and take this battle against cancer to the next level.

  • A Unique Vaccine for Hepatitis C

Led by professor Saumitra Das a team from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru has developed a vaccine for Hepatitis C. India’s 20% populations major reason for the liver problems is Hepatitis C. You now can imagine just how revolutionary this recent Indian invention is.

You can contract Hepatitis C virus through blood contact. If you leave it untreated, it can lead you to severe liver problems resulting even in cancer. This vaccine you see has been made available to the population at affordable and reasonable prices now.

hepatitis C treatment can be very expensive so you can only begin to wonder how many lives can be saved through such affordable vaccines.

  • Plastic Roads – Sustainable Roads

Professor Rajagopalan Vasudevan, you may also know him in the science world as the Plastic Man has developed unique waste management that provides you with an even greater utility. he made you roads made of plastic. In turn, inventing a very sustainable waste management technique to eradicate plastic and yet make vital use of it.

It is very useful water management, given that the world is overburdened with plastic, and you do not know what to do with it. Having yourself plastic durable roads is a very effective and efficient way to recycle plastic and yet make use of it.

  • Malaria detectable via a Smartphone

Dr. Sai Siva Gorthi and the team have developed a Malaria detectable Smartphone. They have by no means said that they have found a new way to detect malaria for you. Because clinical microscopy is still the golden rule for detection.

But, when the WHO ( World Health Organization )’s World Malaria Report says to you that the estimated need for malaria diagnosis is over a billion per annum. You know finding this faster way that gives you qualitative and quantitative result sin 30minds without human intervention is a medical marvel.

  • Solar Energy Water Purifier

Professor Vasant Natarajan and his team have invented a water purifier that does not work on electricity. It can purify any form of water for you, like sea or lake water. he used the natural process of evaporation of water for you, to condense the vapor later. That leaves behind all bacteria and harmful residue, keeping pure drinkable water.

This is a very cost-effective way for you to purify your home water and make sure of solar power, by saving electricity.

  • Making Researches Safe

When someone tells you to picture a lab, you usually think of people with thick white coats, all covered up with beakers around testing things right? Recent Indian inventions are making the research lab safer. How? J Fathima Benazir and her team have developed an alternate stain if replaced with toxic acid stains during microscopic biological research, can be absolutely safe for researchers.

You can be exposed to health issues when around such toxic acid stains, and this has been a long-standing way to conduct microscopic biological research to separate color from the tissue.

Researchers are always exposed to so many harmful chemicals and work patterns that developing a safe way for them to do their research is something the global medical community has applauded her for. Putting India on the map for you, these scientists have just made science safer.

  • Nano-level purification of water

Dr. Suryasarathi Bose in 2015 with his team at the Department of Material Engineering invented water purification at the nano-level. Removing harmful bacteria and the nano-level also means having pure and healthy water is going to have come more accessible to people.

That is why this has gained a different place in our research for you. You can find the filter consisting of a porous membrane made of two polymers. It also has minute quantities of silver, titanium dioxide, and carbon nanotubes. The pores filter out the micron-sized bacteria for you, while the silver-titanium-carbon mixture kills the bacteria.

Having such an invention can not just deliver healthy drinking water to people who do not have access to it, but the bulk purification system can ensure sustainable water supplies for millions around the world.


You may have heard about doctors and scientists and engineers constantly working to make the world safer and better. Every country is making its contribution, and India is no stranger to this process.

We have one of the best scientific data that has emerged out of India and have put Indian scientists on the map for decades now.

If you know any other invention or want us to feature that invention into this featured post, then please let me know and we will work on it. We also welcome your questions or criticism.

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