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Your Travel Destination tips for Africa, Asia, America 2018 | Intakt Reisen Inspiration

If you ask anybody who has been to Africa, they will tell you it is massive. This continent is home to 54 countries so a round trip around this place, is always a worthwhile deal. 

You are bound to indulge in the diversity of Africa and making sure you have seen it all is one of our core goals at Intakt-Reisen Inspirations. With more than a billion people and so many countries can you imagine the wealth of experience as a traveler you get through a whole African Roundtrip. 

Our company has managed to gain a perspective on traveling and tourism patterns because we have been that long in the business. The world has a lot to offer ad we provide a little piece of this rich experience by being the leading in the tourism industry. helping travel and wanderlust enthusiasts find their place in the wide beautiful world. 

So without further beating around the bush, here is the travel ideas for trips to Africa. May that is hiking, active holidays or just discovering parts of the world you have just seen on TV.

Travel Tips for Trips around Africa 

If the unknown and untouched nature of Africa is up to your taste then a round trip with skilled tour operators is a tour that will keep you on your toes all through. 

Every traveler is different but nature has something to offer to everybody, and especially in Africa. Africa is home to so much natural wealth that it is almost impossible to box tips for this vast continent. But for a roundtrip to Africa, my suggestions for you are below;

  • Breathe in the proud rocks of Victoria Falls 

Victoria falls a town engulfed in Western Zimbabwe region and also the massive gateway to waterfall having the same name. The Zambezi river falls through the boiling pot of the waterfall over a high cliff is a picturesque moment for any traveler. 

Talk about anything, rainbows, moonbows everything is just part of this nature’s beast’s secrets. Having a roundtrip tour with family individually gives you an insight of this hidden beauty in a violence-torn country. make sure if you are preparing a trip to Africa this is a travel destination you can make sure you touch on. 

  • A beer at a seaside bar in Monrovia is a total MUST

If you are looking rich history, fascinating food and lovely beaches then Monrovia is a must on your destinations in your roundtrip to Africa. 

It is the capital of Liberia, a very misunderstood of a country that has so much more to offer. With a bright statue of a mother breastfeeding her two children in the national museum, it stands for the troubled past and the need for balance in nurturing development. A wonderfully landscaped country with golden beaches making it a perfect spot for your next tour inventory. 

Travel Tips for around Asia 

As you see I am selecting the best you have to see in your tours, but God! Asia! If there is anything more beautiful than the Goan beaches, Singaporean Smart Cities, China’s snow-covered mountains, or Japan’s spring flowers or maybe the Thai street food! I don’t know what to choose from this largest continent in the world.

But, if there are a few inspiration places you must have on your tour package because Asia is a place that has something to offer to everybody, no matter who you are and where you come from. I have to just break this up into things! 

  • Do yourself a favor and go to India to see what Colour means!

Whenever someone asks us to suggest a place to visit for the first time in Asia, we always suggest India. I will tell you why. 

Because India defines diversity in every meaning of it. It is one of those countries that has a little piece of the world in it. If you haven’t oared the South India greenery and beaches, or seen the city lights of Mumbai or the old heritage of years of experience in Kolkata the city of joy, maybe there is so much of the world you have to still see. 

India pulls in one-fourth of the world’s tourists because if there is one thing that India has, then that is colors and music in everything. India is home to the oldest religion and nature’s best kept tropical secrets of the South East Asian banner. 

  • China! Because there is just way too much for this country to finish in our round trip!

The Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City, The temple of heaven, The Bird’s Nest and these are just Bejing. if you want the rich ancient civilization experience then Xi’an is the window to that experience. 

Buried in world’s civilization and ancient history this city makes your active holiday worth every penny you have spent. 

  • Travel Tips for Around America 

Oh here is a tough one! We always get asked where should I start and end for a trip to America. And this has always been the answer, start at the Grand Canyon and end at the Milkyway over Lake Titicaca, Peru. 

  • Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona 

This Grand Canyon immersed in red rocks hold billions of year’s geological history. Its always a must see if you are n any world trips, and especially if in North America. 

 This has and always will be the best North Americanroundtripp spots that a traveler would love to hike through. Highking or active holiday goes, this is a destination that is just not going to give you amazing pictures and experience but make you ask the questions of what else does mother nature hold in store for you.

  • Lake Titicaca, Peru

I will cut to chase here. Why Peru makes our inspirations? 


A sunset from a hotel in Titicaca Lake, in Peru bruises you with wanderlust. Being the largest lake in South America and right where the Bolivian and Peruvian border meets, this nature’s secret tell you off civilizations that lived and survived.

Making a round trip to America worth every bit of the hiking and traveling you have done to get there. 

We at Intakt-Reisen Inspirations have put forward the 100 Places of Inspiration project to encourage the love of traveling and discovering the world. Committed to this cause, you can always check out our projects and interests by clicking

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