Jio Prime membership! What if notification is not available on My Jio App

Yes! you heard it right. Jio has again brought surprise for its Prime members. Prime membership is annual subscription by Jio users by paying just Rs. 99/-. This Prime membership was started last year on April 1st, 2017. It was valid till March 31st, 2018. But keeping in view about other members who joined late in December 2017, few even in January, February and March 2018. They have just paid for the subscription recently. So, the Extension of enjoying Prime membership free of cost is given to the users.

I was very glad when I open my twitter account and got news about this offer, from the Official Reliance Jio account as: –

You might be looking for the redemption of this offer. Let's proceed further with the explanation for the same.

How to get an extension to the free Prime membership?

If you are a Jio Prime member before April 1st, 2018 then you are able to enjoy the benefits of Prime membership for 12 months free of cost. Hurray! you might be more than happy, like me. But this offer is available only on My Jio App. Yes, you need to visit and log in to My Jio App with the Jio number which you want the membership to extend. Let's go through the step by step guide for doing so: –

  • First of all, insert the sim in your smartphone which number you want to extend for membership. If the Sim card is one you are already using then its great.
  • Now Install the My Jio App. If you already have it then proceed to next step.
  • Open the My Jio App.
  • As you visit the homepage of My Jio App, in few seconds it will pop up a red screen in the Topmost area.
  • As you see that, you will see an option naming “Get my offer”. You just need to click that button.
  • As you click on it, there will be a screen displaying a message, ” Your request has been received to pursue the offer, we will get back to you shortly via message.”
  • This means you can now enjoy the offer.

But, you might be one of them who are not getting the option to click on the button “Get my Offer”. As you know Jio has a database of 175 million users. And this is the time when all the users want to avail this offer to continue with the free of cost extension period. This is the peak traffic time for My Jio App. You might be facing server down issues. But don't worry.

We are here to help you with all the technical problems you face in day to day life. All you need to do for this problem is watch videos on youtube with the Sim you want to extend the membership for.

If you are one who opened the My Jio App and could not get the option to “Get the Offer”. Then you need to stream the videos on Youtube for at least 15 minutes or so.

First of all, you need to force close the My Jio App. After that open youtube and stream videos for 15 mins or more, using the data connection of the same sim number which you want to avail the offer. After streaming videos, again open My Jio app and wait for few minutes. Now you will get the option of “Get my Offer”. Click on that option. Hurray! Now you will be able to enjoy the benefit of the extended prime membership for free.