Image Raidar | Bulk Reverse Image Search Engine

I was super excited when I got familiar with this technology some 4-5 years ago. That was the time when slow internet connections were part of lifestyle at least in India. So, yes these search engines were slow too but now these search engines have co-op with the pace of internet. It is still a fascinating thing for me to do a reverse image search. I wondered that how could a search engine recognize a still picture and search for the similar images. But I am very much satisfied using this tool. This is an ultimate tool for Photographers, Marketers, Researchers, and creators, etc. They can track all the instances of an image using this tool.

This tool is not only usable for marketers, researchers or creators, rather people who are interested in chatting and dating online is helpful for them too. They can recognize the display picture of those, with whom they are talking to, and find, if they are being conned or not.

To use this tool, there is a system of using credits in it. We get 300 credits for every referral sign-up and we can use these credits for searching images. Every image search you made, deducts 1 credit from your account.

Table Of Contents

Features of Image Raider

  • Image raider search engine is based on Google, Bing, and Yandex. It shows combined reverse image search from these three search engines. Hence its results are best among all three of these.
  • At Image Raider, we have options for image searching which no other Reverse Image search engines have. We can add an image from XML sitemap of a website. We can add or upload images. Or by putting the URL in the search bar, we are able to do it. Moreover, we can simply add images from different websites like Flickr, 500px, etc.
  • There is a great feature of this amazing tool, ie. we can even search 20 images at a time. Yes, this is really great.
  • We can even search for the products sold by others similar to our products. Amazing! Isn't it? We can search our competitors of the web and keep a spy eye on them. So, we can offer better rates and quality than others.
  • If you are a graphics designer and promote your work over the internet but you want to track that no one can use it for free. Then this is the best tool for you to use. You can easily track it and make a complaint to DMCA too.

Image Raider for Smartphone or Android

Image Raider does not have any particular app for Smartphones ie. Android, IOS, and Windows app, etc. But we can use image raider in smartphones using our phone's browser. Using Image Raider on phone via phone's browser is as simple as using Image Raider on laptop or desktop internet browser. We need to follow the same criteria for reverse image search on Image Raider using on phone, laptop or desktop.


Overall, this is an amazing app where we can search for the related or similar images of the particular image.  Please feel free to share your own experience with us. We would love to hear from you.