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Is It Safe to Apply for Valorant PBE?

Got an opportunity to apply for for Valorant PBE?


Before applying, read this report to see if participating in Valorant PBE is possible.

Let’s get started –

What is Valorant PBE?

Valorant PBE means the Public Beta Environment, a specialized server where players get to test upcoming features, changes, and updates before they are rolled out to everyone.

In simple words, the PBE serves as a testing ground for new content—such as maps, agents, and game modes—to ensure that any issues can be addressed and the content is well-balanced before going live to all.

Unlike the live servers, the Valorant PBE is open for players to participate only one weekend per patch cycle, and availability isn’t guaranteed with each patch.

Note: Players on the PBE need to provide feedback on their experiences to help the developers squash any bugs and refine the

Is It Safe to Opt for Valorant PBE?

Opting for Valorant’s Public Beta Environment (PBE) is completely safe. Riot Games mainly controls and manages the environment, so we don’t think you should worry much about this aspect of Valorant PBE.

Instead, you should focus on getting into the Valorant PBE, as it allows you to free all the skins. However, Exclusive, Ultra, Battlepass, & Limited Edition skins are unavailable in PBE.

Should I Create a New Account for Valorant PBE?

There is no need to create a new account for the Valorant PBE; you can use your existing Riot Games account. However, your account must meet specific criteria to qualify for the PBE.

What is the Criteria for Valorant PBE Eligibility?

The criteria for eligibility to participate in the Valorant Public Beta Environment (PBE) is as follows:

  1. The player must be from the North American region.
  2. The player must have a clean record on their original accounts, meaning there shouldn’t be any bans or restrictions.
  3. Occasional recruitments might be based on specific criteria, such as hardware, play frequency, or rank.

Remember that fulfilling these criteria does not guarantee selection for the PBE, as Riot Games may have additional factors to consider when determining the selection.

Is There Anything You Can Do to Get Selected for Valorant PBE?

While Riot Games doesn’t mention how to get selected for Valorant PBE, you can follow the below steps based on the requirements and process for increasing your chances of the selection:

  1. Ensure your behavior score is good and you do not have any bans or restrictions on your current account.
  2. Regularly engage in matches on your Valorant account.
  3. To register, log into your account and apply on the PBE registration page. You will get a confirmation email stating that your application has been received.
  4. Keep your finger on the PBE’s pulse by checking their subreddit for schedule and availability.

What are the Pros and Cons of Opting to Valorant PBE?

Here are the pros and cons of opting into the Valorant Public Beta Environment (PBE):


  1. Early Access to Features: Players on the PBE get to try upcoming features, such as new maps, agents, game modes, and more before they are released to the general public.
  2. Free Skins: Players can access skins for free while testing the new features. However, there are some limitations to which skins are available.
  3. Provide Feedback: Players can give direct feedback on the new content, influencing the final implementation and improving the game.


  1. Availability: PBE is only available one weekend per patch, which means that access is limited. Additionally, the availability of each patch isn’t guaranteed.
  2. No Data Transfer: Progress or rewards on the PBE don’t transfer back to your live Valorant account. It’s purely for testing purposes.
  3. Region Restriction: Currently, PBE is restricted to players in the North American region, so those outside of NA cannot participate.
  4. Potential Issues: As the PBE is a test environment, players will likely encounter bugs and balance issues that can affect the gameplay experience.

Using these pros. and cons., I hope you will make the best choice for yourself.


Although inclusion in Valorant PBE is limited, it’s an exciting opportunity to contribute to developing the best Valorant gameplay.

However, transferring your rewards to your live Valorant account would have been a win-win situation.

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